Chapter 1: First times...

As Rainbow trotted through the gate, she turned around to face her friends. "Thanks for taking me here, Im glad your still here for me." her friends all smiled and waved. As Rainbow went past security she could see the sign:

                                                                    "Wonderbolt Academy"

Her filled her heart with joy, her foalhood dream was within reach! As she trotted past all the pro wonderbolts she reached the "New recruits" office, as she opened the door her jaw dropped. Spitfire was there! "Oh, hey Rainbow, glad you could finally make it!" Spitfire said. "Spitfire? I thought you worked in the main office?!" Rainbow asked confused by this change in jobs. " I do, but my boss wanted me to try something else for a change, now sit down!" spitfire said as she pointed to a large crowd of ponies. As rainbow found a seat thoughts raced to her mind. "only a few of you will make it into the wonderbolts." spitfire said, but to which Rainbow ignored her as she dealt with her thoughts, she thought this was going to be different, she thought that this was going to be easy, she thought “why is spitfire pointing to me?”

As she snapped out of her thoughts she noticed that everypony was staring at her. "what?" Rainbow asked. To which Spitfire replied "Your late and then you don't even pay attention?! In my office after training's over with!" which erected some giggles and snickers, which then mede Rainbow dash blush. She wasn't likeing her first day.


After getting affilated with the rest of her team, Rainbow headed over to the offices, She can't believe that she already got in trouble! On her first day! As she got to Spitfires door her chest tightened, she was hoping for an easy win but her day was saying otherwise. As she opended the door to Spitfires office, her heart was thumping so loud that she swore it was going to jump outta her chest! She thought she was going to be kicked out for being late, being distracted, then not paying attention again and crashing into a bunch of ponies that ended up destroying a set up for repairs... "Ah, Spitfire?" Rainbow asked. Spitfire looked up. "Ah, please take a seat." Spitfire said. As Rainbow sat down, Spitfire could tell that she was very nervous. "Rainbow, I have three questions. One, why were you late?" Rainbows only response was: "I thought it started at 9:00am, not 8:00am...","Okay, Two, though I can take a guess: Why were you not paying attention?","I thought that... ah... ah..." Rainbows response told Spitfire all she needed. "Alright, third and its and odd one: Wanna go get a bite with me?" That question caught Rainbow off guard! "Wha?"    "I said do you wanna get a bite? I saw your training and i thought we could talk over coffee and grub."  Rainbow agreeded, "Great lets go!" Spitfire said as they trotted out into the open, after a quick walk they found the coffee shop they were looking for! Spitfire ordered black, Rainbow had a Caramel Mocha. "What you don't like black?" Spitfire asked. "No, I dont really like coffee, but I thought it was rude to not order some." Rainbow admitted with a rub of the back of her head. "Well, atleast you'll admit it." As their conversation continued it shifted from several topics like wonderbolt training to first times to any special somepony. "Come on, Dash you can't tell me you don't have some special mare or stallion back home?!" Spitfire said, to which Rainbow denied. This made Spitfire curious, but it was insane to do it. But Dash was giving her mixed signals, so to aleast satisfy her own curiousty she flicked her own tail to brush up with Rainbows. She could see the other mare tense. As Rainbow tried to process what happended, so many thoughts invaded her head, was it just a mistake? was it a test? did she really mean it or not? should i take a leap of faith? Yes. At that thought see flicked her own tail back. What did she do? "Soooo, lets go for a quick walk." Spitfire suggested, Rainbow agreed though she knew it was going to be akward. They followed the sidewalk to celestia knows where. "So ever been on a date before Dash?" Spitfire asked, which made Rainbow blush,"Ah,no,why?" Rainbow said knowing the answer. "Well, do you wanna go on one?" Spitfire asked, now Rainbow's idol was asking her out! Is this normal or not? "Sure" Dash replied in barely a whisper. "Well, I hear theres a good movie playing what was it? Blowup2? Yeah. Wanna go see it?" Spitfire asked, to which Rainbow agreed. It was then that she realised that they were heading in the direction of the theatre. As they arrived they scanned to make sure that the movie existed and paid for tickets. Spitfire took the tickets while Rainbow got the snacks and found a seat in the top row. As the movie started you could tell it was a comedy as they could barely survive the beginning! But once the movies humor calmed down, Spitfire decided to take a glance at the new recruit. She looked nervous and scared, so to calm her down Spitfire wrapped a wing around her, which made Rainbow tense. "Relax, it's fine." Spitfire assured. To which after some time Rainbow heeded to even so much as putting her head on her shoulder, till the jokes picked up.


After the movie they decided to go home. "Uh, Spitfire?" "Yes" "I dont have a place to stay." This made Spitfires eyes jump out of her head! "What? they didn't give you a spot?!" Dash shook her head. "Well, stay at my place!" "Spitfire i couldn't --" "It's fine, I just dont want to see my date or a team member sleep on the streets." As they headed home, Spitfire remembered something, "Rainbow we might have to share a bed..."

End of One

Authors note: 

I had to play with this a bit but for now there its done!

also theres two doors one blue one purple, ones freedom, ones painful death.                                                  CHOOSE WISELY!

-Dawnlight Glimmer