Death WarMachine

aka Death, Kevvy or something close 2 either

  • I live in a house.
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Bored high school grad with nothing to do
  • I am Male
  • Death WarMachine

    I have been wondering if anyone would like to share a link to their steam account. I just want to know them and I think some of you guys would like to too. I'll go first.

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  • Death WarMachine

    The Ban Game

    April 6, 2014 by Death WarMachine

    Okay, so on a fourm ( they have a game called the "Banned Game" where you say a made up excuse on why the person above you should be banned, but should stay in the topic the person above you said. (No you dont really get banned, its just a fun little game) so here is an example:

    User0:I planted a tree

    User1: I ban User0 for planting a tree in MY LAWN!

    User2: I ban User1 for not getting off my lawn!

    User3: I ban User3 for not getting of my cookie :(

    ...and so on.. so let me start..

    I Installed Origin (Remember you dont really get banned its JUST A GAME)

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  • Death WarMachine

    Blog Game: Relations

    December 12, 2013 by Death WarMachine


    I will start a word chain. I say one word, and you must say something as a reply that relates to it. This goes on until the chain either dies or it loops back around to the base word somehow.

    Only rule is that the relation cannot be too vague or broad. If I say cake, and you say atom, that's too broad.

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  • Death WarMachine

    I've been thinking about the show's holidays and stuff. If this is the MLP wiki, we should celebrate the show's holidays. This could be a good thing for the wiki. Maybe I don't know this is happening or something, but we still need to do or keep it up; if you guys are already doing it. We need to more into the show if this wiki is gonna be a funner place. So lets make this happen and show that ... WE ARE A BETTER WIKI!

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