hello, its definetely. this is the first blog i ever made so dont judge me.

Dont. You. Frickin. Judge. Me. 

this blog is dedicated to all the people who bother to take a look at this.

today, we are discussing the impending topic of equestria girls. now, i dont know about you, but i havent been too terribly pleased by the first one. it was entertaining, but...

-there were way to many cliches, 

-there wasnt nearly enough action scenes, 

-it took way to long for rainbow dash to be introduced, 

-too many musical numbers,

-and have you seen twilight's outfit? who the hell wears legwarmers anymore????

well, what can you expect? megan mccarthy wrote it. she writes dissapointing stuff. like the royal wedding, it was extremely dissapointing. coincidence or not, she wrote all of my least favorite episodes. now, i dont mean to offend anyone, but if i did, get used to it because i am an offensive person. 

well, this concludes my blog. write your opinions in the comments.