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  • I live in New York (USA)
  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is going to highschool
  • I am a girl
  • Demaya

    I'm Back!

    December 20, 2013 by Demaya

    I'm baaaaack! Notify the newspapers! Miss Demi has entered the fandom after a few sad weeks of school! Thankfully, it's almost the holidays! Gosh, am I glad!

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  • Demaya

    Songs for Luna

    September 9, 2013 by Demaya

    I've been looking around and I found that Luna never had a song to herself, so I thought of writing a few songs she could sing. Reviews will be very much accepted.

    (I know, the title's cheesy, but that was all I could come up with. By the way, this is before she became Nightmare Moon.)

    (To herself)

    Just look at all the ponies

    Basking in the light (snorts)

    But when my time takes command

    They do not bother about the night

    (walking along to Celestia's room, to herself)

    I am a princess too- they should know

    They just enjoy Celestia's glow

    Friends of day- of night, they're foes

    Let nighttime come- let the day go!

    (confronts Celestia)

    Having fun yourself, I see?

    With your faithful subjects of the day

    Trying to be the princess yourself

    Not listening to my way.


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  • Demaya

    And, yet again, fellow bronies, the conversation steers back to Derpy, the most famous background pony of the lot. Though not a main character in the show, Derpy Hooves is one of the most frequently seen background ponies. Often seen as one of Rainbow Dash's close friends, other than the rest of the main six, Derpy is a Pegasus pony with a light butter yellow mane and tail and a gray coat, with a few bubbles as her Cutie mark. Her special trait is her crossed eyes- which is why she was named 'Derpy'. Derpy is even more popular than some members of the main six among the fandom (i.e. Applejack and Rarity).

    Perhaps it's because of her cuteness- or maybe because of her strange Derpy look- but by some Research by the Comments (checking the comme…

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  • Demaya

    "Applejack is one of the Main 6 and represents the Element of Honesty... blah blah blah...  "

    Well, except for the 'blah blah blah' part, that's what it says on every single page about Applejack. I mean, get real people, is that all? Is that just what the whole concept of Applejack is about? Is that what we want?

    Well, in my opinion, Applejack is awesome. She's down to earth, honest and dependable- and modest. But why is she so unpopular among the fandom? I saw recently (according to the comments) that Applejack is the most underrated pony of the Main 6. But why, ponies? WHY?

    I did some Research by the Comments and ticked off some points why Applejack was so unpopular.

    • According to somebronies, Applejack is too tomboyish. I wouldn't say that. I mean,…
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  • Demaya

    Bronies and Pegasisters all over the world have been making human versions of our much-loved cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (otherwise MLP:FiM). So imagine the happiness, joy and rejoicing that should have been when Hasbro announced the making of Equestria Girls!

    Yet, not many were too open minded. I myself did a bit of research (looking at past comments, literally) and saw that 19 commenters out of 30 had viewed the movie as atrocious (even before seeing it themselves). I am sad to say, so was I. 6/30 had mixed feelings, while only 5/30 thought that it would be nice.

    Even though it is, in a way, a rip-off of other High School-Friendship-Crushes type popular movies and sitcoms (High School Musical, Bratz, Barbie, etc. etc.) it do…

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