Bronies and Pegasisters all over the world have been making human versions of our much-loved cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (otherwise MLP:FiM). So imagine the happiness, joy and rejoicing that should have been when Hasbro announced the making of Equestria Girls!

Yet, not many were too open minded. I myself did a bit of research (looking at past comments, literally) and saw that 19 commenters out of 30 had viewed the movie as atrocious (even before seeing it themselves). I am sad to say, so was I. 6/30 had mixed feelings, while only 5/30 thought that it would be nice.

Even though it is, in a way, a rip-off of other High School-Friendship-Crushes type popular movies and sitcoms (High School Musical, Bratz, Barbie, etc. etc.) it does have a charm of its own. Now that I've seen it, I give it  7.5, while the average is 6.07/10.

So, without much further ado, let's see why this movie got so much hatred from us pony fans- before and after.

Why do we hate it?


  • Many people thought that the skin colors looked slightly (well, okay, terrifyingly on my part) non-human. Twilight Sparkle looked like some alien, while Rainbow Dash looked liked she had been drowned. Rarity looked like she was dug up from the graves- while Fluttershy looked like she had a bad case of Influenza. And of course, Pinkie Pie looked like she was blushing all over her body.
  • And let's not forget- what's with Applejack and Rainbow Dash wearing skirts? Both of them are down to earth and tomboyish (well, at least Rainbow Dash) - and we all agree that poodle skirts do not go with the names Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
  • Before, Hasbro designed Twilight, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash as having wings. Let's admit it- it looked freaky. At least they dropped that idea.
  • Celestia and Luna had lost their natural beauty and authority as humans. Luna was too pale and the clothes would do better in the garbage.


  • Many of us agreed that the movie was a bit too rushed at the end, and that the animation was nil.
  • There were many plotholes, and the movie revolved around the same joke.


  • Flash Sentry was cliche.
  • Sunset Shimmer needed more character development and backstory. She wasn't quite an impressive villain, more like an idiotic bully.
  • The Main 6 were younger than in MLP:FiM and the CMC were too old. In FiM, they're still in elementary school while the Main 6 already have jobs.
  • The other 5 weren't given much attention at all.


  • The dolls were a copy of Bratz and My Scene dolls.
  • They were actually quite creepy- what with their bright skin.
  • The cutie marks were on their cheeks instead of their skirts.

Let's face it, Equestria Girls wasn't as a hit as Hasbro hoped it would be. Better luck next time, Hasbro!
Equestria Girls logo and school EG opening

Equestria Girls