I've been looking around and I found that Luna never had a song to herself, so I thought of writing a few songs she could sing. Reviews will be very much accepted.

Luna's Fury

(I know, the title's cheesy, but that was all I could come up with. By the way, this is before she became Nightmare Moon.)

(To herself)
FANMADE Awesome Luna pic

Just look at all the ponies

Basking in the light (snorts)

But when my time takes command

They do not bother about the night

(walking along to Celestia's room, to herself)
Beautiful night 2

I am a princess too- they should know

They just enjoy Celestia's glow

Friends of day- of night, they're foes

Let nighttime come- let the day go!

(confronts Celestia)

Having fun yourself, I see?
FANMADE Luna in the night

With your faithful subjects of the day

Trying to be the princess yourself

Not listening to my way.

Hear me, ponies everywhere

Listen to what I say

Luna shall be the only one to rule
Nighttime S1E11

Let dark destroy the day!

Nightmare Moon

(This is just before she gets banished.)

Listen to me, ponies!

Bow before my sight!
FANMADE Sparkly Nightmare Moon

I speak of fury, of hatred

For I am the Princess of the Night!

Remember this day forever!

Heed what I say!

For a thousand years forward

Night shall banish the day!

Your sweet princess Celestia
Nightmare Moon ID S1E02

Is not as powerful as I

She may control the day and nighttime both

But I will make her say goodbye!

You may banish me to the moon, my sister

But I will never be tamed!

Someday- ponies, dragons, all Equestria

Will respect and adore my name.
Nightmare Moon's front face S01E02

You might have won this time, Celestia

But remember these words I say:

I will conquer and rule all of Equestria

Though you tried to overcome me today.

These two are the only songs I wrote good enough to rhyme. I'd love if you could give me some ideas for new songs. I can't think of any tunes- just words. So, I'd be glad if you could help- I mean, Luna isn't shown that much in the show, so it's hard to think of any topics for songs for her.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Love you people!