Hello fellow MLP fans, I'm Dereviewer and I just recently watched one of the MLP Equestria Girls movies, Rainbow Rocks. And personally, my favorite villains in MLP of all time are the Sirens. The way these three beautiful girls hypnotized an entire school full of people blew my mind. It kinda reminded me of A Canterlot Wedding when Chrysalis disguised herself as Princess Cadance and hypnotized Shining Armor. Now, I think it's pretty epic for an evil queen disguised as a princess to hypnotize one stallion, but for three beautiful girls to hypnotize an entire audience of people, EPIC!! So I wanted to ask you guys what was your favorite song the Dazzlings sang. Was it, "Battle of the Bands", "Under Our Spell", or "Welcome to the Show"?

Put your comments below and tell me.