ShadowDemon - is dad

Embergale - is mom

Derp muffin - son

Eidlover - Derp's closest friend ever

Princepony9 - brother (equal age as derp)

limbo - youngest sister

Alana katana - Aerostar mommy and derp's oldest sister

Cavejohnson - Aerostar daddy

Aerostar - Derp's best sibling

Spiderstarofspiderclan - Derp's awesome middle brother

Bubbaboy1201 - close cousin

Craftydragon - Funny cousin

Flutterrainbowdash - random and funny pony

ImTheBrony - Alicorn renting a room in our house watching tv all day on the couch

Ozank - the mysterious/happy linker

Mango dolphin - Rabid pokemon pet who we all love

Octado - pet octodopus that hangs on my shoulder being awesome

DerpyDash - 10 year old girl that stares at you through her window

Cartoonfan7360 - small crazy pony who lives in the air vents who listens to coldplay all day

Uglyturtle - pet turtle

Pony n' Meatballs - Family adorably hamster

Memzel - uncle

Mylittlewut - auntie

Brad - adopted child

FeraligatrTheBrony - A pony who is the cousin... wut

jonny - cousin

EquZephyr - next door neighbor

COD4 - pet fish that i wub

Solidsnivy - Derp's awesome pet

Moon wererwolf - next door neighbor

Ponysmith - weird guy who lives in the attic or basement

Pinkiepie56 - pet cat

Jackleapp - pet apple that might get eaten today :3

Demon Lord of The Round Table - 2nd uncle from Embergale side of the family

Omega Shadow Wulf - A friend of derp who is silent, smart, and barely talk

Pablodepablo - nerdy second cousin

Fluttertheshy - nice and friendly pet store owner

twilightsparkle101 - pet store assistant

UnintentionalFan - mysterious neighbor that always has good derpy advice

Crystal chaos - pet horse that wants to be in our house but cant >.>

twitchy pinkie235 - nice neighbor across the street

BluesirTheFox - closes friend of Derp and Princepony

Dragonhunter - Shadowdemon tough brother

Johnbuddy1 - Guy who lives across the street to the left who moved a month ago

Pinkiecrazypie - manager of animal shelter

jake8765 - friend from school

Waystudios - Embergale little brother

Beautiful heart - Student who is obsessed with shopping

Zephyr Flourish - Derp's friend

DJpon3 PONY - Derp, and prince favorite DJ !

KingLazy93 - Family pet dog