Welcome to the Royal Guards!Princess Luna charted stars and she beleives a battle will begin.Equestria needs you to help save them.You have to choose to fight as a Earth Pony,Unicorn or Pegasus.You will fight for Equestria for freedom of the Griffons,Dragons and other creatures from different lands.Here are the tasks and reward you receive while you are doing this task.

Earth Pony

You will gain mighty endurance and strength.You will be on the battle field slashing your sword to defend your freedom.You can also be a care taker for the weary warriors.


You will be on the battle feild using your magic to defeat the evil ones.You will need to be a brave warrior and risk your own horn to save your family and freedom.


You fight in the sky.You will gain a huge amount of speed and agility.You will risk your wings to protect your family and freedom.

This is up to you.Which kind do you wish to fight as?Remember Celestia and Luna need you.

Thank you,The Royal Guards