aka Derpy

  • I live in Ponyville! lol
  • My occupation is Nothing rlly!
  • I am A British Pegasister!
  • DerpyLove4
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  • DerpyLove4

    Hello Derpy here!

    Ok so Pony N Meatballs came up with National Pinkie Pie Day on chat

    So if u wanna come and join us u can

    Sunday to Sunday! lol

    Also You can ask for a special Pony

    I will ask the Mods/Admins

    Derpy Out!

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  • DerpyLove4

    So Derpy's speaking role in The Last Round Up, Hasbro made her have a funny voice, people

    Her name Derpy some people thought Derpy meant Retarded, So they found it offensive to Speacial needs people. Her Eyes were a problem also.

    Lots of people got mad

    So Hasbro decided to either change Derpy's voice, eyes, and name, or delete her for good.

    After that it was the whole Save Derpy thing, which can be seen on youtube. Hasbro saw everything that was happening so they decided to keep Derpy but change almost everything about her.

    Have anymore questions leave them on the comment and I will try to get back to you! If I missed anything tell me!

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