Hi everyone, my name is Ann. I am an artist and a art student. I'm an art major in my high school. I like to paint, draw, throw on the wheel, and take photographs. I have

I first got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic when a high school friend of mine (who is a brony himself) told me about the show. I watched all the episodes (it was when there was only Season 1 at the time) and i was instantly hooked. Before i knew it, I found myself drawing my own OC characters and dreaming about going ot a comicon as Rainbow Dash or Derpy Hooves.

I am a seasoned Pegasister, and I know what clopping and fapping are, and the gossip and myths that surround bronies.

I didn't discover the MLP: FIM wiki until awhile ago, and now i am wishing i had discovered it before. I am looking forward to benefiting the community by editing the wiki and making helpful contributions.