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  • Derpyrebound
    This is quite simple. Just state your non MLP pairing then compare it to a MLP pairing. For example:
    Korra and Bolin
    Derpy and Dity Doo
    Both are funny and tend to be goof off from time to time (except Korra who mostly tends to be rebelious). Like Ditzy went the wrong way. Everypony knows birds go south for the winter. Appearlently Ditzy didn't. Derpy made a huge mess of Town Hall (as in nearly turning it to simthereens). Korra has had a moment of huge laughter as in her scaring off a thug with her Polar Bear-Dog, and the burping contest. Bolin, well has been the lol since he was ever introduced. Burping contest, going no way and pointing at Korra. Him crying like a 2 year old complete with snot down the nose and saying 'Your not my brother! …
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  • Derpyrebound
    Well Derpy has been up to a little goof off moments like teleporting things like toilet paper into a corked fairy bottle that was ment for display. Since the arrival of this little enchanter the whole guild turned upside down. Not to mention helping a Witch pull a prank on Gyendal (you don't want to know what nearly happened to them). She even is helping a Dragon Lord get to 1000 in up or down. She loves also to show off her Legend of Korra pairings and may make someone do payback for pairing her with Bolin. To learn more about this smart feather brain girl go here: A little AM profile.
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