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  • Dharak13

    The Creature that Came to Ponyville

    By Friendly Uncle

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

    The Egg The Birth The Molting The Assimilation The Hunt The Discovery The Battle

    Atop the great citadel of Canterlot, within the observatory that crowned the great castle, and seated upon a low bench situated between two of the domed structure's vast supporting columns, Princess Celestia, God Empress of Equestria and all of Ponydom, sat and stared out across the vast horizon of her kingdom. The princess was seated with her legs casually curled underneath herself, but her pose was rigid, her eyes unblinking and her ears cocked to take in any noise. Her face bore an expression of intense concentration. Lik…

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  • Dharak13

    When twilight sparkle read the book about dialga the time pony and now he was coming to destroy ponyville! Because the ponies though they destroy dialga world so now dialga is coming for revenge.

    Twilight:Ohh ponyville he's coming to destroy us! Spike:Who's coming to destroy us twilight Twilight:Dialga the Time Pony he thought that pony pegasus unicorn and alicorns destroyed xeno world and he's almost here to destroy equestria we have to warn princess celestia princess luna and alien queen about dialga attacking ponyville! Spike:On it twilight. Twilight:Dear princess celestia and princess luna and alien queen an earth pony is coming to equestria to destroy ponyville because he though that pony pegasus unicorn and alicorns that destroy xeno …

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  • Dharak13

    Once Upon A Time In PonyVille Libray Twilight Sparkle Recieve A Book From Princess Luna With A Mark On To A Page That Luna Was On So Twilight Went Through The Book And Found Luna Mark Under "Dialga The Time Pony" As Twilight Read

    Twilight:Hmmm It Said "After The Sonic RainBoom And Defeated NightMare Moon It Was Attacking Another World Known As Xeno World Chaos Destroy Everything And Death Was Near So Dialga And Palkia And Giratina And Arceus Created Dialga The Time Pony The One Who Control Time Space Shadow And Heavens And Dialga Also Is Now Angry At Pony Pegasus Unicorn And Alicorn By Destroying His Home World?" Well That Is Weird A Pony Who Can Control's Time Space Shadow And Heavens And Can Destroy Worlds Hmm Look Like Were In Danger.

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  • Dharak13

    Smartest Unicorn

    September 22, 2011 by Dharak13

    Ok If AnyPony Is The Smartest Answer These Question

    1.What Type Is Rainbow Dash?

    2.Where Did Twilight Sparkle Live?

    3.Who Is FlutterShy Pet?

    4.Who Is Rainbow Dash Old Friend?

    5.Was Rarity Mad At Prince BlueBlood?

    6.What Is Twilight Sparkle Pet Owl Name?

    7.How Old Is Princess Luna?

    8.Does Pinkie Pie Like CupCake?

    9.Does FlutterShy Take Care Of Animals?

    10.Does AppleJack Punch Or Kick To Get The Apple Of The Tree's?

    11.Can Luna Still Control Moon?

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  • Dharak13

    Hey EveryPony I Keep Hearing That Rainbow Dash And Scootaloo Aren't Releated But How There Sisters Right Can SomeOne Please Help Me With This Ok

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