Attention everpony! I've created a new race of ponies that are very unique. I call them dual ponies. Information about them is posted below.

  • Physiology: Dual ponies look like ordinary ponies, except that they all are conjoined twins. Both heads in every pair are always the same gender (either female-female or male-male). They can look identical, but are mostly different. They usually have different coat colours, hair colours, and styles. They also have two tails, one for each twin. It's possible for a pair to be two different types of pony as well. In most pairs, both heads are on the same side, if both are the same race, or unicorn/earth. But there can be a head at each end. This is common for half-Pegasus pairs.
  • Cutie marks: Since the heads of each pair usually have distinct personalities and talents, they usually have different cutie marks. For instance, let's say one twin is really good at dancing, while her sister is good at writing poems. Therefore, each has her own distinct mark.
  • Names: A dual pony's name is two names joined by a slash, such as Peachy/Pansy. The first part is the right side head's name.
  • Speech: Dual ponies can talk in several different ways. They can speak one head per sentence, finishing each other's sentences, or speaking in unison. They always use "we", "us", "our", and "ourselves" when refering to themselves since each dual pony is really two ponies sharing a body.
  • Location: The dual pony kingdom is south of Equestria, but many miles north of the jungle where Ahuizotl lives.
  • Family life: As I mentioned earlier, dual ponies have more than two parents. If a dual pony marries a regular pony, there's a 50% chance of the foal being a normal pony, or a dual pony.
  • Education: It's been proven that dual ponies are smarter than regular ponies because they have two brains. To them, the proverb "Two heads are better than one" is a very true and descriptive saying.
  • Diet: Since dual ponies have two stomachs per pair, they can eat and drink at the same time. One twin can be full, while the other still eats.
  • History: Nopony knows how dual ponies first evolved, but the most likely theory comes from this ancient legend: "Long ago, after Celestia and Luna defeated Discord, there was an earth mare named Ginger. Her problem was no matter how much she ate, she always felt hungry. And because she was so good at growing food, she became quite large. But it wasn't food that Ginger felt, it was loneliness. One day she was walking along a riverbank when she heard a beautiful, sad song.  It was coming from another earth mare. Ginger was amazed. As she listened, she felt good inside and not hungry anymore. The second mare was Orchid, who spent her days singing, but she wasn't good at growing food, so she became smaller and weaker. Ginger gave Orchid some of a watermelon, and in return, Orchid sang for her. They became the closest of friends, and decided they never wanted to be apart. So they went to a tribe of unicorns that brewed powerful and magical potions. The leader gave them a potion called the Two-Heart Elixer, who could make any two ponies become one, as long as they were the same gender. They drank it, and became one pony with two heads. They were overjoyed and lived happily for a long time. And ever since then, all of their descendants have been conjoined twins, each pair's hearts beating in perfect harmony." It said that dual ponies first started living in Equestria around the time Whinnypeg was a simple farming community.

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