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    I have been thinking on doing a blog series for a while now, it's called "Let's Talk," where we talk abot the things the brony fandom has problems with, and bring up a few notes about anything the fandom could do to make these things get better.

    We will talk about:

    • Scrappies
    • Show changes
    • Shipping
    • etc.

    I would like to know if it is okay to post it around here, please. If it isn't I'll try tumblr.

    • note these are mostly my opinions which are loosely based on facts. No flame wars please!
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    Okay! Major rant here!

    I don't why this character gets more hate than Gilda and Diamond Tiara. Some comments on pro-Flash Sentry stamp on DA make sooooooo much sense compared to Flash hate here! I have no reason to hate Flash, and I don't! I ship Twilight with Flash (with multiple characters in fact), well... Just because. Most all fans hate him because and I quote, "TWALAT IZ MAH WAIFU!!!111!!!" of "HE IZ A GARY STU!11!1!!!111" yeah, that is what you say about black OCs and Alcorn OCs.Yes, most badly designed OCs are black and red (Not even I am fond of badly designed OCs), and yes, alicorns are all powerful beings that are pretty much a fusion dance of the three main races, but not all of them are Mary Sues or Gary Stus! Flash Sentry isn'…

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