Okay! Major rant here!

I don't why this character gets more hate than Gilda and Diamond Tiara. Some comments on pro-Flash Sentry stamp on DA make sooooooo much sense compared to Flash hate here! I have no reason to hate Flash, and I don't! I ship Twilight with Flash (with multiple characters in fact), well... Just because. Most all fans hate him because and I quote, "TWALAT IZ MAH WAIFU!!!111!!!" of "HE IZ A GARY STU!11!1!!!111" yeah, that is what you say about black OCs and Alcorn OCs.Yes, most badly designed OCs are black and red (Not even I am fond of badly designed OCs), and yes, alicorns are all powerful beings that are pretty much a fusion dance of the three main races, but not all of them are Mary Sues or Gary Stus! Flash Sentry isn't a Gary Stu either! Yet, they love Ditzy/Derpy and all she does is look cute and ditzy and make Fluttershy look like a better flier and all there is to her personality is being a klutz and they practically WORSHIP her! If they can LOVE and make up characterizations for a bland klutzy pony, then they can LOVE and make up their own characterizations for Flash Sentry! The only thing we know about him is that he is in a band, why not work from there! I personally want him to become a more prominent character in S5!  No he is not my favorite character, nor is he my favorite male character, but I do prefer him to Derpy. I am sick of all the rabid hate! It's okay to dislike him, yes! But PLEASE! KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

And bronies are said to love and tolerate! Hmpf! Talk about in name only!

Sometimes I swear that I am the only sane brony! Well... Pegasister at least!

So yeah! Stop whining about Flash Sentry!

Rant over


I have to say that the mature folks here. If you don't like the character, don't bother starting flame wars because of the character. You're just costantly smreaming at "Satellite Love Interest" without even realizing that maybe a lot of people already understand "You just don't like the character." It got to the point where it annoys me. I wasn't in a good mood when I wrote the original post. So yeah what I'm saying is to stop "complaining about characters you don't like" Even if it's okay to dislike him.

  • NOTE

I didn't want to get in this but it was out of hand and crazy. I wanted to stay neutral, but it's crazy and out of hand. 'K? The character had as much personality as Derpy anyway. Besides, remember what Thumper's Dad taught us... If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.