Hello there, people (and bronies). I am Gordon Freeman, a average Black Mesa Scientist. But I'm not that and ordinary scientist so if you want to know about Half Life, ask me. I would be answering some few questions. So ask anything you want. And speaking of anything, ANYTHING, not just about Half Life. So... They say it all... "Welcome to the herd."


Name: Gordon Freeman Alliases: The Freeman Age: 27 Occupation: Scientist, Test Subject. Job Location: Black Mesa Research Facility, New Mexico


Gordon Freeman, a scientist on Black Mesa and a survivor. He was ending up being assigned by the mysterious G-Man and kept watching him over the years. He arrive at Black Mesa at 8:47 AM, and after the Resonance Cascade, he needed to escape the Black Mesa. When he reached the surface, he was forced to return underground because of many HECU Marines and was trying to capture him and specifically, kill him.

After many hours, he reach the Xen. Where he fight the Nihilanth, the leader of Xen and after killing it. He was teleported to G-Man where he made Freeman choose.

"Work for my employers or you will be teleported to a place where there's no chance ofwinning. It's time to choose" - G-Man


-Half Life was the best first-person game made in 1999 -On the Alpha version, the game was too low on realism and has a MP5 that have unlimited ammo.

-There's other models on the game than the released version.
-A very small and confusing map.
-No physics.
-One weapon only.
-Scientist and Security Guards are short and have ridiculous faces.

-On 2013 or today, Black Mesa: Source have been release as a mod for Half Life -The crowbar is his image because it is the first weapon to be picked up.

Some are for bronies...

-Gordon Freeman is being change to Twilight Sparkle on some crossovers.

-Barney Calhoun is replaced by Spike.
-Adrian Shephard is replaced by Rarity.

-Concept arts involving MLP: Half Life. -(not yet confirmed) Black Mesa Research Facility is replace to Equestria Research Facilities just like Portal.

Questions, anyone?

Well I will answer some questions and just like I promise (on top). I swear I will answer questions. But I think I'll hang around with the herd for awhile. And remember this quote:

"Welcome to the herd."

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