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  • I was born on August 4
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    So I decided to write a Christmas story. Today is the 13th and Christmas is in 12 days, so I'll write one chapter each day. I actually wrote this story a year ago, but I'm pretty much revising it and making it more detailed and longer.

       Hi, my name is Jorgita. (Thanks for the name, Jorge) Jorgita Esquivette to be exact. (Thanks for the last name, Guildmaster Grovyle) I live in Candy Cane Corner City though I was raised in Ponyville by ponies. I was actually from this place called "Earth". Boring name, isn't it? Anyways, no one knows how or why I ended up in Ponyville. They knew I was from Earth because I looked like a 'human' as they call it. If you're wondering, yes, I have a family. My 'pony parents' are Mrs. Cake and Mr. Cake. They bot…

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  • Doovzzzie

    Poetry By Doovzzzie

    October 26, 2013 by Doovzzzie

    About a year ago, my Language Arts teacher taught us poetry. I have to admit, I like writing some types of poetry. Here are some poems I made (They're limericks BTW) Some of my poems might not make any sense, but hey, poetry doesn't always have to make sense!

    Twilight Sparkle

         There once was a unicorn named Twilight

         Her and Shining Armour would never fight

         She was smart, she earned wings

         And then everypony sings

        "Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle" all through the night.


        There once was a pony named Rarity

        Her dresses and beauty gained popularity

        Her perfect purple mane

        Would drive Spike insane

        And once, she had unfamiliarity


        There once was a chicken named Scootaloo

        She had wings but never …

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  • Doovzzzie

    Ask Doovzzzie

    October 18, 2013 by Doovzzzie

    (I couldn't help it)

    Just do what the title says.

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  • Doovzzzie

    Just A Minor Thought

    October 17, 2013 by Doovzzzie

    Look, I'm sick of all these blogs about 'how bad the wiki is.' So I just wanted to mention, how about we all just ignore the bad moments in the past and look forward to great moments in the future?

    Just wanted to point this out.

    Don't lose hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

    Doovzzzie's Profile And Talkpage  09:39, October 17, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Doovzzzie

    Art Requests

    October 15, 2013 by Doovzzzie

    Okay, as most of you guys know, I draw. I have a DA. I try my best to update my DA. A couple weeks ago, I made a journal on DA asking about art requests. Only one person requested something, and I'm REALLY bored ATM and I have no clue what to draw. So, I'm asking you guys. What should I draw? Please be specific for what your requesting, like if you want the picture colored, if you want it made digitally or made by hand, etc... I can't wait to see your guys' requests! 

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