About a year ago, my Language Arts teacher taught us poetry. I have to admit, I like writing some types of poetry. Here are some poems I made (They're limericks BTW) Some of my poems might not make any sense, but hey, poetry doesn't always have to make sense!

Twilight Sparkle

     There once was a unicorn named Twilight
Twilight listening to Spike S1E6

     Her and Shining Armour would never fight

     She was smart, she earned wings

     And then everypony sings

    "Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle" all through the night.


    There once was a pony named Rarity
Rarity a photographer S2E7

    Her dresses and beauty gained popularity

    Her perfect purple mane

    Would drive Spike insane

    And once, she had unfamiliarity


    There once was a chicken named Scootaloo
Scootaloo wide eyed S2E3

    She had wings but never flew

    If she tried, she would fall

  911 was who we called

  And that is the story of Scootaloo