Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Make it stop, make it stoooooop! ”
— The general reaction of anypony who is unprepared
Pinkie Pie popping up through the cloud S01E05

Pinkie Pie, one of the two main characters in the "cupcakes" infamous fan fiction novel

(Warning: This fan-fic is not for the faint of heart. It describes an horrific situation with fraightening scene's in grafic detail. If you are under the age of 18 or can become very nervous/scared, do not read this fic. I'm serious; very, very, serious)

"Cupcakes" is the infamous fan fiction novel, originally published in /co/, and later on 'google docs'. It tells the story about Pinkie Pie going insane for a reason uncertain and start bringing ponies to the bakery cellar for torture and painful death. Despite of its amateur style and mlp-unspecific violent scenery, the fan fiction novel became quite known among the mlp fan community within and beyond /co/.


Rainbow Dash is invited to the bakery by Pinkie Pie to help her out with some baking. At the place, she discovers no sign of any work at progress, but, judjing as "Pinkie Pie is up to anything", doen't feel surprised and readily eat a cupcake offered by Pinkie, thinking of it as of a "tasting test". In reality, the cupcake appears to be injected with a sporofic medicine, which knocks Rainbow Dash unconcious. After the drug's effect is over, Rainbow Dash awakens to find herself tied up in a dark cellar room. Pinkie Pie appears to tell Rainbow Dash, that she's going to make cupcakes, but she's out of a neccesary part of it, which is actually Rainbow Dash herself. The rest of the novel describes a series of paramedical actions, almost all of them unanesthetized, undertaken by Pinkie Pie to put Rainbow Dash to death. In the end, Pinkie Pie desides not to make cupcakes from Rainbow Dash, but instead to make a stuffed Rainbow Dash from her friend's body. The original ending also pictures Applebloom taking part in "making cupcakes" as Pinkie Pie's apprentice and/or assistant.

There are alternative endings, written by other people, claiming that:

  • The whole story was Pinkie Pie's nightmare
    * It all happened because of Princess Celestia being cursed during her confrontation with Nightmare Moon (the story of Celestia fighting Luna is described to be much more violent, than remembered in ponie's myths of Nightmare Moon, featuring global pony-to-pony face-off, massive battlefield cases and a dragon, still being held in Celestia's palace in Canterlot, waiting for her to pass the ruler's right to Luna and letting him put an end to her life - and the curse -in the last honorable battle)
    * Twilght Sparkle accidentaly went into the bakery, noticed something weird and witnessed Pinkie Pie's brutal death in the torture table gears.
    * Celestia's Everfree Forest Rangerhoof SWAT stormed the cellar, not letting Pinkie Pie apply lethal damage to rainbow Dash, and took her in custody. This ending is still a work in progress, and is planned to finally bring the "cupcakes" back to the original idea of magic and friendship.