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    I'm going to sound super cynical in this review, so be prepared. This is the first episode Josh Haber, and it shows. Because other than the in character nature of them, and a few world building parts, I personally didn't care for this episode. In fact, whether you agree or not, I think this is one of the most boring episodes in FIM to date.

    Okay, let's start with the good. The characters are for the most part, in character, and they did try to add some world building to it. The characters themselves interacted well enough with each other and complimented their goals. But to me, that's where the fun ends, because the rest of the episode was an uninspired mash of I've seen this before, and while that's not always bad, it's not really good whe…

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    Yo guys! What's inside the plot box? No, you pervs, not that plot. The plot driving box. That box around the Tree of Harmony that needs six keys! It can be anything! You never know. Here are my guesses:

    -Magical Alicorn Powers for all 6

    -Another plot for season 5

    -The key to beating the big bad of season 4

    -The Chaos Emeralds

    -A TF2 Hat

    -Spike's Destiny (magical wings and horn)

    -The CMC's Cutie Marks

    -Flash Sentry (he escaped the awful movie!)

    -A flashback about the Princesses again

    -Gummy's Brain

    -An Uzi

    -Fingers for Lyra

    -A poorly made FIM toy

    -Button's Mom after signing a contract to be in the show

    -A baby alicorn

    -The princesses' (other than Twi's) importance to the plot

    -Discord's antics

    -My car keys

    -Another box that requires more keys

    -The Dragon Balls …

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    If you value your purity, do not thread the internet. Not because of spoilers, but because this episode had the liberty of using things like tenticles and Discord in a maid outfit, so you should probably expect stuff like that popping out of the clopper side of the fandom. But because this site doesn't like dirty humor, I will not be making jokes about the Princesses and their encounters with thorny tenticles.

    Anyways, back to the episode, I find it rather humorous and weird that all of a sudden Twi can't fly worth a damn despite the fact that she did so well in season 3 finale. But hey, lets be fair, she could have crashed through the window. The first half of the episode is spent doing pretty much Twilight being melodramatic about her pos…

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    My friends, it's coming. After about 9 months of two crappy editions to FIM (lets be honest, EG and MMC sucked compared to the rest of the series), we finally get season 4. And while I'm still not onboard the hype train, I will say this. From what I've seen, this season looks very promising. We have Zecora, alligators made out of rocks (which is pretty cool), Discord being a good guy (which I'm still skeptical on), The Elements as well as Spike going on some epic journey, more history on the Everfree, and what appears like Celestia actually doing something (slow clap).

    All of that is in the season premiere. So you'd think I'd be hype for it, but to be honest I'm not, and that's for 2 reasons.

    1. I've been down this road before, with this sho…

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    When It's All Over

    October 29, 2013 by Dragon Theology

    Season 4 is coming, and I'm sure you're mostly excited about it. But we're not going to talk about what I think about season 4 (I think you know my feelings by now). We're going to talk about something I'm sure you guys don't want to hear.

    What about when the series ends? What then? How will it end? I personally would like to see the series end around season 5 or 6, because the ride so far has been good an fulfilling already. Too many seasons can tarnish a series, and ending on a good note is better than a bad one. With that said, if the series was to end, this is how I would like it to end.

    -CMC getting their cutie marks, but because of the experience they went through, make multiple branches to help others out who are looking to get their …

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