Hello everyone.  What is going on?

If you guys are wondering why I wasn't around most of the day (most of you aren't though) I can only sum it up this way: I was having a life.

Yep, I left the house and hung out with my friend back in high school, who in my opinion is trying to grow up way to fast but what are you gonna do.  Anyways, seeing how I don't have a car, I used the bus to go downtown and we ate out and enjoyed a nice little day (I knocked over a pie at Krogers and smoothly stepped out, so it was a good day indeed Happy_Scootaloo.png)

But the one thing I have to say I didn't expect to see were some soda pops.  And not the normal soda pops, but these special soda pops.  Now tell me you actually think any of these are good tasting XD.  The Osama one might just be cola, but it's the fact that Osama of all people is on a soda can, and they sold this!  I'm glad I talked my friend out of buying it, cause if he did buy the Chicken Soda...I'd probably be pumping his stomach out right now.  Also, there was this one guy we met who was...ehhh Facebook.png.  If you guys think I can be vulgar and edgy (which is not true you &*&** #@@$#$ @#$%Q^ Pinkie_tongue.png) this guy was beyond that.  He said words that are so bad, I'd be sent to wiki moon just for implying (so I won't even give you a hint).  Not only that...he was one of those stereotypical black guy, and if you guys know, I hate these people.  He yelled at every white girl in vulgar ways, at every guy he called a homosexual slur when he thought they were that, and apparently my friend thought he was funny...I just stood there annoyed for an hour.

And then the finale...getting on a bus.  This is what I get for listening to my friend.  The bus ride closest to my house was already done and the bus I got on was said the closest he could go was 50 minutes away from my house.  So I had to wait, get off the bus, walk 3 miles home, and it as about 1 hour to sundown.  Luckilly for me, it was only a straight path so it wasn't too bad, and I had fun so it didn't kill me much.  I might be going out again on Saturday (and this time he'll pay the bill the freeloader) and it should be fun.  Hope you guys are enjoying yourself too...also the next chapter for My Son is a Changeling is up.  Still trying to get back into Sweetest Taste of Fate but for now that's on temporary hiatus.  So enjoy your day, and have fun this summer.

BTW, I reached 4k edits...just thought I'd throw that in at the end :P