What it be my brownies!!  Hope you guys are doing good.  After more than a week with no real internet other than my phone (which I almost overdrafted), so it's nice to be back with some internet that I can actually type legible sentences on :).  Only thing is, Spring Break is over :(.

It's funny really, all break I was sleeping on a couch because all the others took the beds and futons, so you can only imagine how limited my moving area was.  Though the couches were comfy so I can't complain.  I also can't complain about the 100 bucks I got for moving trees, brambles, and thorns, even though I got cuts on about 60% of my body.  On the last day of break, I did most of my fun.  I went to see Lincoln (great movie btw; I recommend it to everyone), went to a buffet with my godfather, and even salsa dancing.  This was a situation where I wished someone with poise was there, you know like Rarity or some crap, because I had no idea how to salsa dance!  For a while, I was about as stiff as Dexter (Showtime Dexter) until I eased up and got better, until we Wobbled.  Then I did bad...not Elaine from Seinfeld or Twilight Sparkles bad, but still not really on beat.

But you know what else I did over the Spring?  I started writing my fanfic.  I believe the last blog I did people voted on what they wanted to see the most, and surprise surprise, background won!  So....I didn't write it.  Instead I've started writing the Cake twins one and let me tell you, writing a takes some time, alot of time even.  When I write the blogs, they take time because I actually think about what I say (and the next top 10 and blog will be equally so since they need facts), but fanfics are something you can only do or finish if you have a love or knack for writing.  It took me two days to write the first chapter, that's the example.  It took me two days to write what I think is around 2000+ words.  So I really hope when I actually post it, people will at least give constructive criticism and it doesn't get lost in oblivion. I plan on posting the first chapter sometime in the middle of the week and keep uploading hopefully on a weekly schedule or biweekly if it becomes too much.  As for the background story, I have not forgot nor will I say "you know what I didn't want to write them stupid backgrounds.  Imma write nothing but Sparity!"  That is not the case.  I'm gonna write you guys a BC story, and one I have in mind that will be slightly inspired by Bioshock, but very slightly.  Here are some ideas I had and I wanna know:

Which Background Story is More Interesting or Wanted?

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Speaking of Bioshock, before I end this I just want to say that I can not wait for Infinate to come out, and the IGN review got me even more excited.  If you don't know what I'm talking about then shame on you, but because I'm nice, here's the reason for my excitement.  So while waiting, I have played my preorder bonus XCOM, which is really fun.  But interestingly enough you can change their names to what you I changed them to the characters of the show since you can have up to six on the field and purposely got Pinkie and Twilight killed >:).  Actually I'm lying but you can change names, so for the fun of it, I might make some of you users into my army.  If you want to be apart of my XCOM experience, say so and I will put you in.  Although be forewarned, if you die (and  it's a high possibility this game is hard) you stay pressure though ;).  Hope you guys enjoy yourselves.  Those who are just going on Spring Break soon, enjoy, and I will be back in full swing tomorrow.  Now lets end with a little song edit:

Stand tall for the beast of Equestria

Lay it down like a naked dead Changeling

Keep it real for the ponies working overtime

They can't keep living of Celestia's dime

Stand tall for the Bronies of Equestria

Stand tall for the colt nextdoor

We're all free in the land of Equestria

We ain't goin down like this...COME ON NOW!