Yo whatup my homies!  This is DT reporting in with the thing about me nobody reads XD.

I haven't been too talkative or bloggy for the past few days because I'm starting to run out of clever things to say honestly.  I'm still around and I still will be on, but I am still around.  There are two things that are keeping me from being super active all the time.  1 is me writing these fanfics, and keeping still popular My Son is a Changeling updated (people still read this? OMG).  I got many more ideas in the work, some I'll tell you below.  The other...Dust: An Elysian Tale.

I have been playing this game since it came out, and probably will play it after I'm done typing this!  It's a really good indie game I got on Steam and was made by one person.  I've been playing it for 8 hours so far and still haven't reached the end.  It's that long :D has this cute little nugget

Fidget from Dust An Elysian Tale

Look at her, she's adorable :3.  Fidget will follow you through the entire game and it's really, really fun.  Everything from the story to the combat is nice and well done, and I can't recommend this enough.  I am however very livid on how fast that bronies and furries jumped onto this.  Though not in a big chunk, bronies have already done versions of fanart with this title involved, and some furries have started sexualizing some of the characters, when the artstyle of the game is already being frowned on by bigeted internet idiots.  No!  NO!! (slaps bronies and furries)  Not everything has to be ponified or furritized!  Leave some things alone.  I have nothing against either but I think there are some things that should just not be touched, especially since both fandoms already have a bad reputation.

But other than that, I've got some more of these crazy fanfic ideas flowing through my brain, and I'm about 85% sure they'll be written.  Time for a new set.  Iron Will's [Unguaranteed]Guide to Kindness: Gilda takes lessons from Iron Will on how to be generous and apologetic.  Of course, the results aren't satisfactory.  Gathering of Princesses: Crossover type fic where Celestia tells Twilight that she should contact and talk to other princesses of different worlds about how they handled their responsibilities at their age using....some random magic crystal thingy?  Hey, if EG can make up a bogus mirror so can I >:(!!  It'll have Princess Bubblegum, Princess Sally and Blaze (Sonicverse), Princess Zelda, and maybe Princess Jasmine...depending on how I feel...or if it'll work.  Demon Hunter Society: Hell breaks loose in seriously, the gates of Tarturus opens and the creatures run free...and it's up to the girls and Spike to handle this...1970's style XD (or very over the top).  Immortal Inflictions: Celestia wants to die, but is cursed with imortallity, so she tries to find a way to rid of it.

I have more in mind, but I didn't list all of them for these reasons.  One is going to have some wide eyelids if I said the premise without a chapter, and maybe have people go WTF is up with DT.  One I'm still debating if I have the skills to pull that one off effectively, since it's essentially a crime drama.  And the other I feel is so out there and so fun to write, that if anyone wrote it after I typed the premise, I'd probably break my computer.  So with that said...

Which is the better idea?

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The most voted will go down in that order of the one I'll work on first and then second and so on.  Though I'm not promossing to write them before I do others, I will probably try my hands at these, if not just for laughs.

Also got a special blog post coming up soon (maybe by the end of today or early tomorrow) and another XCOM report coming soon.  So in the meantime, hope you guys are enjoying yourselves, have to play more Dust and hear Fidget say more adorable things :3.