Yo guys, what's up.  How are you doing?  Well, only 2 and a half weeks before I go back to college and it seems like I'm gonna be paying quite a bit going back (losing money sucks :/).  But hey, life goes on right?

I'm saying this because I haven't been as active as normal (to the point where I don't even edit much anymore though I might go back later) and that I am commenting less and less.  You might have also noticed XCOM hasn't been posted for quite some time.  Well, it's not dead, but I haven't had the desire so far to play XCOM to entertain the 20 of you who asked for it (ShadowxPirate, I heard your cry and you can be in the next :D).  So as of now, it's on haitus.

And really, I've been concerned about the future a bit.  I mean, I know things will turn out better soon, but the now kind of sucks.  It doesn't help that my summer has been crappy, with 2 deaths and a cousin who's in prison (yeah, some fun on the beach I had huh?Daring_do_by_jrrhack-d4ontsz.png).  But you know what I do when I have a bad day...

I write stuff.  Alot of stuff.  And aparently people read said stuff.  So that's good (seriously though, how the hell did my story get 1k faves Daring_do.png).  As much as I harp on how much the fandom can get annoying, you are almost as awesome as the Sonic fandom (not quite there but pretty close).  The sane ones are the best and you guys are fun to talk to or mess with (even though I'm always right and you're always wrong XD).  But seriously, you guys tend to be some really nice moral support surprisingly, and I appreciate it.  I also feel honored that you guys respect my opinions, look for them, taunt me, ship me with others (not gonna say who :P), and generally treat me like a swell old friend you've never met XD.

This blog came out of the blue basically cause I wanted to say something and I was bored.  So with that said, I have one last thing to ask:

If I was to do a blog, what would you want to see?  Would you want me to continue my top 10?  Should I still review the comics (though I can tell you right now they range from good to decent)?  Do any of you even care about XCOM anymore?  I would like input about what you guys will read.

And if you have something you want me to write on FIMFiction just for kicks, you can comment below or send me a message on my Talk Page at anytime.  I really encourage this, as it helps me become a better writer.  Gotta get my skills up in time to write that Half Life 3 Yo XD.

Anyways, thanks for listening to me ramble.  I'm gonna continue typing this story before I finally go to sleep.  See yas!