Yo sup guys.  If you haven't already learned, I'm not in my good ol DT self today.  Well other than an AI that tried to kill me for eternity (it failed thanks to Johnny Manz, again I am in your debt XD), I have been told that I have "been causing usual"  As Usual....Now anyone who knows me well knows I don't try to be inciteful and usually everything I say just comes from me being strongly opininated, something I can't change.  Yet, over the course of the past few months really, I've been called a smartass, inciter, hypocrite, troublemaker, and all round offensive person.  Now I'm not going to point fingers, and out of some respect, I'm not going to disclose who the comment came from, but at the same time, I'm not really in the right mood or situation to take this without getting pissed.  So with that said, I want to say this.

The guys I've known on this wiki are really cool.  The users I talk to and (admitedly) some of you anons (Bubble...whatever your name is for starters and Colorsplash) are probably some of the cooler people on this wiki, and you all should know who you are and it was fun talking to you guys.  I hope you guys still enjoy your conversations at the random blog you silly brownies.  Have fun.

Yeah if you haven't guessed by now, I'm not going to be commenting on the pages for a bit.  Whether this is a short duration like till Saturday or for a good month is not decided, but I need a break from the conflict and my current "real world problems" are already enough to be worrying about this wiki.  It's giving me a headache just talking about it.  I'm not completely leaving the wiki though.  I'm going to simply edit a few pages a day (maybe just once) and look around in spirit...You hear that Filly.  I ain't forfeiting the race just yet.  And even with this setback, I'll make it before you do!

If you guys want, I'll give you one final XCOM hurrah before I go completely (like any of you care though), and when I get back, best believe I'll have a special something written for you guys ;).  Thanks for putting up with me, thanks for being my friends.  Here's one more little happy (Japanese)thing before I go :