Dragon Theology here, what is up my brownies!  Today I'm not going to do a serious blog or speculation, I just want to talk to the guys who care and just talk about what's goin on.

Today, begins my 1 WEEK SPRING BREAK XD.  I'm actually really excited to finally have a legit week off since school started back up.  Everyone I know is going to Florida, but I'm going to Arkansas; not as spectacular as beaches and sunshine, but family is there, and I can't complain about that :D

But really, you don't want to here about my life, you probably don't want to here what I'm about to say now (in which case you shouldn't be reading this) but there is a high possibility that I won't have much internet connection this upcoming week, so if you don't see any words of inspiration from yours truely, then you know why (which will suck cause I worked so hard for my badges :( ).  Also, for those who actually care, I will be using the time I'm not doing 10 Freaking C# Assignments (yay programming teacher :P) and math work, most likely I'll either be playing games, or writing a fanfic, because about 5-7 people on this wiki so far have said you should write some.  It only takes 7 out of a million to get me wanting to do it.  I have some ideas and I'll make a little mini poll to show you the concepts:

What fanfic would you be most interested in?

The poll was created at 19:32 on March 15, 2013, and so far 19 people voted.

Again, only if you care and only if you want.  But if I'm not around during spring, I hope you guys enjoy yourself, peace and I hope you enjoy (or enjoyed) your Spring.  In fact when does Spring start with yall?

Anyways, enjoy, peace out, and have a grand ol time.