Well, the title sure sets the damn mood now doesn't it?

Because we don't have anyone who has a camera better a digital one, the EG review won't be coming out yet.  In fact, I'll be surprised if you get one before the dvd release, when we'll have better quality.  But trust me people, I will review it, and I will give it the treatment it deserves.  So far the reviews have been mixed.  Ranging from "I hate it" to "I love it".  I like the more critical ones, or at least the ones who aren't so freaking fanboyish/haterish to rate it a 0 or a 10.  Me personally though, I'm tougher on movies then most, because I analyze them probably more then I should...but I want to help people get a good idea what they go into.  I'm not going to hold back and give it a 8/10 for effort, I'm going to be brutally honest.  I recently went to see Man of Steel, a movie that many fans raves is the best to date...and I gave it a 6 because of it's flaws.  But that doesn't make it a bad film; just a film above average.

You might have also noticed I haven't been as active lately (well not in anything that mattered) mainly because I haven't had the drive or interest to be social with you guys because of recent events.  This will be the second death in the family in the past two months, and this time it's my grandma so my mom will be taking it harder.  I doubt original plans for the summer are even a factor now because of the funeral, and me personally I probably won't be super active until all this is sorted out.  But there's one thing I will say, especially to those who lose someone, is don't feel bad or sad.  If it was naturally done, you should feel happy.  Religious or not, most people will agree that death is freedom, a peaceful sleep.  No one wants to live forever (I know I don't), and while it is sad, you can take comfort in knowing they're in a better place...unless you're an atheist in which case you can say they are sleeping in peace, away from the troubles of the world.  Both are good.

But moving on, I do have some intentions on blogs and updates.  There will be a new top 10 soon, an XCOM report, another Theory Time (since my alicorn one brought in good conversations), maybe another Why Bronies Don't Like, and some other things I might do if you guys happen to want to still read my crap.  I'm also working on more chapters of existing fanfics like My Son is a Changeling and CMC [Try to] Write Clop (trust me, it's not what it looks like XD), but I'm also starting up that Gilda and Iron Will fanfic you guys voted on.  I'm surprised too; other then the Celestia disliking her immortality fic, this was the one I wanted to write the most personally, so thanks guys.  I'll get something out soon.  But I also want to thank you guys for actually reading my stories.  You're a big part of why I got the likes and favorites in the first place since you were the first to read and say what you thought. Even if stories aren't up your ally I want to know so I can improve as a writer.  This has been a fun outlet for me and I want to continue on that road.  With that said, have a quick poll:

Which Fanfic Did You Like the Best?

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Well you'll get more from DT soon, but for now I'm going for a brief walk.  Got alot on my mind, and a walk might help.  So until the next post, I'll see you guys around.