What it be you lovely Contributers (except you Nihi :P)?!  How's it going and how you be's?!  I'm doing better than I was yesterday thats for sure.  After getting a 1 day OSS from the wiki, I decided to actually sleep!  36 hours with no sleep due to homework is crappy, especially when you aren't so successful in finishing everything up.  And also...only about 3 more weeks until the end of college this year.  Usually, for a high schooler that would be sweet, but it's a little different now.  My only subterrible grade is what has me on the edge.  I'm at 50/50 on making it a C by the end and it's really stressing me out a bit, and been slowing down my free time (which is why Sweetest Taste of Fate has been slow on updates as well as blogs).  

But anyways, yesterday wasn't a day for worrying about that crap...I had some snoozing to do.  When I did wake up, I decided to take a break from schoolwork and just did what grown people wish they could do all day...BE A KID!!  I just played games, chatted with friends, and watched tv (South Park and Django) all night from when I woke up.  Played Hawken for the first time in 5 months and it's pretty fun.  I mean, it's not substantial with content, but for a F2P game, it's pretty cool.  Plus, it's mechs shootin' each other.  Shootin Mechs and Flexin Pecs!  That's How I Role XD!  And I even played Far Cry 3, a pretty fun game, but I ran across a glitch that shot me out of the tower and killed me.

But as usuall, it's time to get to the stuff some of you actually care about....anything to do with MLP.  The fic I'm writing is on CH. 4, and is about halfway done (the chapter that is).  And Pinkie makes her glorious return.  I'm not really good at writing her, or at least it's hard so here's a little taste of how she was written:

Gasp!  My bloods made of sugar!?  Well that would explain why I’m always so bouncy and eccentric except for early mornings when I’m still groggy and sleepy but that doesn’t take to long for me to get out of that, though for sugar my blood doesn’t taste sweet…I once scratched myself and put my hoof in my mouth and it oddly didn’t taste like sugar at all!  It tasted metalish in a way, or maybe sugar is metal that they sweetened…or maybe…

Forgive me if I write her kind of OOC, but it's hard to write a character I can't stand.  Also, I got an next fanfic will be something you all anticipated...50 Shades of Neigh!  Naw just kidding but I have been curious on what it would be like to write a mature fic....I may play with it for a bit, but not now (it'll actually be good too).

As for blogs, I might bring back the What I'd Like to See from _______ in Season 4 and I know the Fandumb thing will stick.  Another Theory Time will appear eventually and I plan on doing.  I might also do a little Character Evaluation thing, where I rate characters based on performance in the series similar to my episode ratings.  If I were to do that, which character would you guys want me to do.

Well, that is all from me...I hope you guys are enjoying yourself.  I'm doing a little better after a stressful week, and now...back to the randomness XD.