Yo guys!  What's up!  How's it going?  After my exam today, I went to sleep for 3 hours cause I have no more until Tuesday, which is a bible exam (yay).  So that gives me a little flexiblility to do what I want.  First is doing editing to the wiki to hopefully make it look better and update pictures I think will go better with recent events.  It's fun editing wikis and stuff; originally I only made this account because peer pressure (looking at you Power and Ozank...or whatever admin egged me into it Fluttershy_stare_by_theflutterknight-d4ls3m9.png) and had no interest in editing but after a got fun.  I also have to give props to those 15 people who actually get 100 edits in a day.  I guess there are small things you could do to easilly get that but it would be time consuming.  First of all...whoever this Seaswirl person is, I always see you in the contribution section!  You're alwasy updating!  When do you sleep?!  Anyways keep up the good work.

But anyways, with me not having class or a test until Tuesday, that gives me some time to write...guess what...FANFICTION (Flutteryay.png).  By the end of today, a new one should be uploaded, it won't be an extremely long chapter but will set up the rest of the story kinda and will be a 1st person narrative.  I'll send it to RP for proofreading because I want to and if he does it soon enough, I'll post it.  Sweetest Taste will go on temporary hiatus, but that's because I need some time to focus on other exams after today, and the one off will get finished soon as well.  Also plan on blogging something more significant later today, so hope you enjoy that.

Also, on XCOM reports.  I don't want any issues with the report thing going out of hand or considered spam/unrelated, so if I do make a blog and it does cause issues, I'm going to request it being taken down.  But for those who wanted it, it won't be the end.  Check your Talk Pages every two weeks for highlights if it has to come down to talk pageing.  Gonna keep the peace the best way I can.

And that's it for now.  Hope you guys are having a good day, and I'll see ya later this afternoon.  BTW Yay for school almost being over! Federal_Republic_of_Ocredan.png