Yo guys what's up?  I decided to take a day break from the wiki and requested a block because if I had been given the ability to stay on...I'd probably go to wiki jail for a long long time Pinkamena_emote.png.  But I'm fine now.  I'm still a little iritated by know what...but I got an avatar that reminds me everything will be alright.  Best OC for best new writer...Corey Powell.  I like this oc, it's one of the more original ones.  Definately better than AliLarson

But anyways, my opinion on EG hasn't changed much, but I've noticed something that I'm going to have to go into Huey mode.  What I may have to say might shock and offend so...cough...for those griefing or judging people for liking/disliking...either Grow the Buck Up or Shut the Buck Up!  It's okay to like or dislike!  You're not autistic for liking nor are you spazing out for showing concerns, so stop telling people they are!  Seriously, I'm starting to think that people who are watching a little girls show aren't acting mature (Fluttergasp.png shock).  And stop with all the damn end of Hasbro post!  Act like you got some Celestia Damn sense people!  Man, I'm through playing around here Fluttershy_stare_by_theflutterknight-d4ls3m9.png

With that out of the way, I should go ahead and say that I got a few blogs going on in the near future, as well as the next chapter of my fanwork coming up (as soon as editor gets on that).  Also, Sweetest Taste will go on short haitus until I find the drive to refocus on it.  I also have something to say to those who care...something you guys seem to enjoy reading.

That's right, tomorrow, the XCOM reports return!  And the 5 of you who know what I'm talking about rejoice.  I'm still debating on whether to do it on blogs or in talk, and it'll all depend on what the bosses say.  Either way, you will get your reports, and you will read you always do.

But anyways, that's just a short message I wanted to say...see you guys back on the wiki and...if you're gonna grief...grief with dignity.  Dont' be an overreactor.  Unless you see Spike as a You Know What, in which case, you have my permission to flip a table.