Welcome viewers to my first vs.  The point of this versus series is to pitch characters against others who are similar to them.  So what better way to kick it off then putting the two characters that know more about friendship than...well...IDK friendship itself.  Today, we're going to be putting Twilight and Yu from Persona 4 against each other.  They have many similarities; they have a colorful cast of friends, are really good leaders, and has that one follower that always praises their accomplishments (Teddie and Spike).  The only difference is..well, one's a human and ones a pony...that and Persona is rated M for it's themes but that's not the point!  So, let's see...who would win in both personality, ability, and overall likability.


What better way to start off than to focus on the characters themselves.  Starting impression is important on this one, so we'll be looking mainly at the earlier development of each.  So let's start with Twilight.

Twilight blushing S3E05

Look at her...she's adorkable :3

Fresh from the Canterlot castle, Twilight had to go to Ponyville to learn friendship lessons.  Cause, you know, friendship is magic.  She started out not knowing the power of friendship and therefore thought it all pointless, but with the help of her newfound friends (who I will discuss later) she finds that it is strong enough to overcome all obstacle.  Her early development was really good in my opinion.  What started as ignorant neglect of any relationship of anything other than her studies turned into a deep appreciation of those around her and gaining the respect and love of her friends.  And as a result, her development gradually grew, and in a way the audience grew with her.  You followed her journeys to madness and laughed at her ..cough...adorkable nature.  Her personality shined and made her a very likable character (even if she was nowhere near my favorite).

Yu Narukami has a similar background...well kind of.  He isn't going to Inaba just to learn about friendship, but he is going because his parents won't be able to keep watch over him for a year, and need the help of his uncle to make sure he's alright.  He moves to Inaba, goes to school, and overall is a pretty normal kid.  And after events arise, he makes some friends and helps them try to solve the deaths that are happening involving something known as the Midnight Channel, and a world within a TV world (don't say this is a crazy concept!  You watch a little girls show >:( ).  And...well....that's it, well at least starting out.  Yu doesn't really have the same development starting out as Twilight did.  He's immediately liked, immediately accepting, and really, at the beginning has no personality.  I mean yeah he's the silent protagonist, but the game starts him off as if he's the best of the best sort of and with little emotion.  Heck, even the anime doesn't show him with emotion!  I mean, look at this scene where he's pushed into a waterfall.  Yeah, he looks freakin invested doesn't he.  Not to mention that his relationship with his friends (who I will also discuss momentarilly) seems to rapid, and he seems like the epitome of friendliness.  Again, not as relatable as gradually easing into it.

Winner: Twilight Sparkles

Their Friends

This is an important factor for the characters since both of them revolve around the theme of growing better with the aid of friendship.  So it's important that all of the characters are likable, or at least relatable.  Once again we'll start with the Twilight's side.

Rainbow Dash missing element animation error S3E13

The friends that make it all happen

The main 7 (yes Spike counts) all have distinct personalities and serve each (except Spike) serve as one of the elements that makes Twilight even better.  For a show that was originally revolved around girly things, the writers managed to make some well developed characters with fleshed out distinctions and issues.  Each episode that stars Twilights friends have them deal with their own set of problems: Rarity has to learn to cope with her little sister, RD has to learn the lesson of humility, and Pinkie...well...has to learn to calm the buck down sometimes (she still needs this lesson).  Even Spike who many originally thought was a side character developed into a deep individual of his own, probably deeper than the others.  The only thing I have a problem with them is...well...the humor on some slice-of-life episodes.  When the jokes miss, they really freakin miss.  Mare Do Well, Games Ponies Play, and Spike at Your Service all have these moments where I would just cringe because of how bad the jokes were at times.

P4 Group

And still with no emotion given XD

Yu's friends, unlike him early on, were bursting with their own vibrant personallities and characteristics.  Even more so, they were important to Yu because for every friend Yu made, he gained a link by them known as a social link that lets him fuse more powerful personas of that friends type.  And by learning about his friends, Yu learns that they have many deep layers...sometimes kind of sad.  For example, Yosuke's fears and inner thoughts are much more troubling and sad than Spike's.  No offense, but this isn't as sad or captivating a fear as this.  Alot of the characters issues are pretty deep.  Chie is semi jelous of her friend Yukiko because she feels she's better than her and wants a sense of control, Kanji fears his own sexuality, and Naoto wants to be mature out of the fear of being viewed as immature and therefore not taken seriously as a detective.  They are more interesting to learn about and you feel a stronger bond when you actually come to know them.  And so does Yu, making the bond slightly better than the bond of Twilight's friends.  Oh, and the humor is rarely forced.

Winner: Yu Narukame

Powers and Contributions

The winning point: their powers and contributions throughout the both of their journeys.  

Powerwise, Twilight is one of the most powerful magic users in Equestria.  Levitation, Time Travel, and even brief dark magic, she has shown herself capable of taking down many enemies.  Not only that, she has cunning, that allows her to solve issues and those she can't solve she uses the help of her friends.  With all these attributes, you think she would pawn anyone right?  Well, to be honest, without her friends right by her side she wouldn't be able to defeat half the things she defeated, making her very dependant on the support of others.  Yu Narukami doesn't have this ailment, and it's done in a reasonable an fair way.  It is still implied that he needed the support of his friends in order to get stronger, but since he can use their arcana type as soon as he befriends, he's not completely relaint on their immediate pressence even if it makes it easier for them to be around.  It's not like he's almighty either; being human he can still get hurt, die, and suffer as much as Twilight can, but he isn't in a position where not having his buddies around will handicap him, and therefore he can get his task done.  Let's be honest, if Twilight didn't have her friends, the only thing she would be able to do is assist others and finish the spell of Star Swirl.  Speaking of...

Princess Twilight in royal chariot S03E13

Yeah, hard to relate to huh?

As the series went on, I felt that Twilight was losing some of her relatability.  You could argue that that was because she was getting stronger, she was getting better and...ugh...becoming a princess!  But that shouldn't be the reason why a character slows on the relatability.  She suffers no sense of failure that some of the others do and gets most of what she got spoonfed to her.  Come on..I'm sorry but finishing a spell doesn't warrant princess status!!  I can see why some call her a Mary Sue (although I still disagree on this sentiment); I was hoping that season 3 opening would touch on her failing at something.  It would give her some well needed character; but no, the problem always resolve itself.  Ironically, Yu started becoming more 3 dimensional than Twilight as time went on.  He knows what will happen if he fails as he's seen the result happen (3 deaths) and therefore has a stronger drive to prevent the murders.  As he bonds with the characters, he becomes more whole, and starts developing more character.  And, the crimes he solve and the trouble he goes through goes all unnoticed!  They keep hush hush about it, except towards the end Dojima (the uncle) finds out.  Yu could have easilly demanded "since I went through hell for a year, I want a high position in society, and maybe a few million dollars".  But no; he solves murders for a year, puts himself in physical danger, fights a god, and without the recognition of anyone but his friends!  Not only more relatable, it makes his situation more noble.  He didn't need a reward or a position to make it look grand; he did it just because it was right and he wanted to protect what was most dear to him.  I'm going to rest my case here.  And while Twilight was doing the same, she got rewarded for something that...well, she didn't deserve the position for.  Leadership does not always mean you should be a royal or a high official.  Nothing against the purple bookworm, but Yu ultimately comes out on top.

Best Overall: Yu Narukami

Yu Narukami Arean

So What Do You Think?

Do you agree, or do you disagree?  Any input?  Well here's your chance to tell me.  Now vote: please be reasonable.  If you don't know the series of Persona or the character do not vote.  The last thing I want to see is some overzelous fanboy going "herp a derp Twilights the best you moron".  Also don't want to see the same from those who like Yu better.  If you haven't heard of Persona 4, I urge you to check it out.  So...

Who is Truely Better?

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