My friends, it's coming. After about 9 months of two crappy editions to FIM (lets be honest, EG and MMC sucked compared to the rest of the series), we finally get season 4. And while I'm still not onboard the hype train, I will say this. From what I've seen, this season looks very promising. We have Zecora, alligators made out of rocks (which is pretty cool), Discord being a good guy (which I'm still skeptical on), The Elements as well as Spike going on some epic journey, more history on the Everfree, and what appears like Celestia actually doing something (slow clap).

All of that is in the season premiere. So you'd think I'd be hype for it, but to be honest I'm not, and that's for 2 reasons.

1. I've been down this road before, with this show and others. I'm not holding my breath and expecting the worst while hoping for the best. That way if it does turn out to be utter garbage (which it doesn't look like) I will not be phased in the slightest.

2. Korra officially ends the day before this comes on (technically it's already out on, so I'm about to go watch that as soon as I'm done with this blog), so I'll be in a saddened state. I'm losing the best animated show this generation just a day before a show that has been fading from my adoration list, and who knows when season 3 will come. But I do have season 4 of Boondocks to look forward to. And Space Dandy. 

But back on FIM. It looks promosing, but looks only take you so far. It's the execution that will either make or break this season and the two episodes. I can already tell the most annoying parts of the season will be the ones where they try to go Princess Twilight dev.

"Twilight! What do we do? We need you Princess Twilight. Order us around and have us do what you ask! Please! Please!"

Now I'm sure that won't happen all throughout the season, but that crap is gonna get annoying real fast in the first few episodes. Yes, Hasbro! We get it! She's a pretty purple princess you stappled wings onto to sell more toys. You don't have to have everyone dependent on her. I mean, my god, they didn't give the avatar this much dependency. Hell, they leaned onto Bolin more during the season. Getting sidetracked again; I'm pretty sure you know which series I favor by now.

But with that said, there appears to be more of something in season 4 that was lacking in season 3 and EG. That's effort. There also seems to be less fan pandering and more storytelling, which is something I kinda like. I would preffer a season where Derpy doesn't eat muffins for an entire episode and instead we see our heroes explore the world you seem to have neglected. 

Despite my gripes with season 3 and the suspicions on 4, I think that this season can pull off most of what they're trying to do. I mean, hey, it can't be as bad as Equestria Girls, right? RIGHT? Oh for the love of god, if this is as bad as Equestria Girls I think I'm going to...

  • The things that DT will do have been edited out for safety reasons. The Princesses of Equestria would have felt threatened if he said what he was going to and would have ultimately killed him.

Early verdicts for the premiere itself: at it's highest, it can be a 8-9 out of 10, at it's lowest a 6-7. I don't see this episode being any lower than above average unless they completely screw it up. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not negative towards the series to be negative; I just know a bad concept/episode when I see it, and sometimes can even sniff it out before it happens (you all know which ones). I don't see too much crap in this season, other than the whole Alitwi debockle and Discord being good (which I seem to be in the minority on because everyone wants  a piece of Discord). I cannot see this season being awful; even if I were to try, this season as a whole would only get as low as a 7 out of 10, unless they really screw up this season. And that's rare for that to happen so fast.

Only one week left guys, and you can bet, I'll have my cynical, critical, and unedited (FIMFic only, cause you guys are very very sensitive of certain words :P) review of the premiere. Now to watch Korra and see it end, while waiting for a new season to begin.

See you guys on the return of my weekly reviews :3

Cragadile attacking S4E02

Did I mention these things look badass?