Template:Userpage/MPC Ladies and gentlemen...we get to the part that I hate.  The part that makes me livid. The thing that when it first came out and was first announced, I went nuts about it.  That's right, the dumbest concept in the movie so far....Spike dog.

Dog Spike annoyed EG

Why...just why? :'c

Okay, the concept of this is...well, Spike is a dog.  Why is he dog anyways.  This is insulting, a slap to the characters face.  But the saddest thing about the whole thing is the reason why he's a dog in the first place...he's not a pony like the others.  Uugh!!  Since episode 1, it has been established that Twilight and Spike shared a brother/sister dynamic.  Even though Spike was a dragon he showed enough intellegence and emotions to be considered one of the group; hell, they even stated that they considere him family and he briefly got his own pet.  This concept, takes all that away, and practically spits in his face.

But DT, he's a dragon!  What else did you expect him to be; humor me on that!

Well I don't know, a freaking human!  He could have been the little brother, the assitant, like he already was.  He wasn't some dog, a mutt that is used as companionship.  Plus, I find it funny that people are so quick to defend this idea since only Spike had to be turned into one.  I bet you anything that if Derpy was turned into a dog, there would be angry protest out on the streets, demanding people not to degrade "this amazing character!"  Sure he can talk, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a dog.

Maybe he needed to be a dog as a companion to know kind of like the pets in Equestria.

You know, even though that's still a stupid reason to make him a dog, I could see that.  I mean, dogs are mans best friends right?  And yeah, they do need animals in human worlds.  This would kind of make sense...except I saw the *&%$#@ second trailer, and it clearly showed Angel, which probably means that Winona exist there, implying these @#$!!@ idiots think of Spike as nothing more as a #@$@! pet those #@$@$#@$#@$#.....

We apologize for this rage moment!  DT has not been this livid since it's inception and wants people to know that he doesn't think of dogs as lesser creatures, and realizes that in fiction, dogs have played key roles and have been proven to be important to the role such as Brian from Family Guy or Scooby Doo.  His issue isn't that there could have been worse then a dog for Spike, it's the fact that they considered a character with deep characterization and emotions on the same level as the others as being a dog instead of an equal human!!  Stupid pieces of...

Sonic and Tails

Yeah, cause no one would care if Tails was a dog :P

Ok let's give an example from another series with a similar dynamic of relationship.  Let's look at Sonic and Tails. They aren't the same species, but they treat each other as family.  Tails idolizes Sonic and Sonic consideres Tails a little brother.  Heck, if you read the Archie Comics, their relationship is even deeper then being partners in crime so to speak.  Now, imagine if they went to the human world and were transformed into humans themselves.  How much do you want to bet that people would be pissed if Tails was a dog, or considered a pet, all because he was the sidekick and not as "central" to the story?!  Knowing Sonic fanboys, they would probably try to riot!  

Spike is no less of a main character as others, and therefore he shouldn't be given such a downgrade.  I'm glad that he retains his snarky attitude and that does help; also like I said in my 5 Ways EG can avoid Sucking blog, I mentioned his character being top notch.  However, that does not excuse this concepts idiocracy.  This concept alone probably killed any chance of me considering this film any higher than a 7.  And yes, a concept can hurt that bad.  And before you guys start calling me a hypocrite, yes I would be equally as pissed if they did it with the other characters as I would with Spike since they all have shown levels of being treated with the same dignity.

So that's the thing I'm most livid what will tomorrows autopsy bring.  Well I'm not going to spoil it, but I will say it didn't make me pull out any hairs (that was your hint...that was the only hint).  See you guys on the next analysis.

Equestria Girls Spike dog wearing bow tie with tag

&^$$%^ HASBRO!!