Hello everyone.  Since we have less then a week before this movie comes out, I think this would be a good time to get down final thoughts on this movie.  Most of what I've said was probably disdain for the idea, but what I want to do with this is disect 5 different concepts, or the most looked at concepts before the movie comes out.  So each day, I'm going to do an analysis on the movie.  So today, we'll be talking about a concept that I find astonishing that they're trying to pull off...multi-dimensions.

Twilight putting her hoof into the mirror EG

Oh this stupid thing

This idea of the movie is that they...I mean Twilight and Spike (the others don't even follow..but we'll tackle that another day) and end up in the human world.  Now, this isn't really the issue (though tomorrow a concept of it will be the issue), the issue comes with how I fear they're going to use it.  It's already bad enough this mirror is out in the open and ripe for anyone to jump through, but there doesn't seem to be any dynamic to it.  It's just there.  Why does Celestia have it anyways?  Why is everything just laying around in the open for the conveniance of the plot?  But I digress we'll touch on that later.

Twilight screams after becoming a human EG


My main concern is this whole interdimensional slock.  Twilight and Spike obviously don't exist in that universe because 1. Shimmers states that Twilight must be new and 2. they question why Spike can talk.  Uhh, can't have an alternative universe without all the components there!  The idea of an alternative timeline is that it's opposite of the other universe; if not all the components are there, that world can't exist.  One could argue that it's because they traveled through the dimensions, therefore replacing the originals, but that not only seems farfetched, but that gives the other 5 more of a reason to join...because then all 7 would know the situation and be able to find the solution quicker!  Besides, when you go through a portal, you don't make someone else not exist; they exist in that universe but in a different form and shape, or as the mirror did, a similar one.  I'm just can't grasp why the two don't already exist in that world.

Trying to do these kind of things can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.  Shrek Forever After attempted something along the lines of this though with the whole "You no longer exist so the world changed" scenario.  It made sense when everyone else except Shrek existed because in the concept of the movie he was erased from the timeline; it wasn't an alternative dimension it was the change of the timeline.  However, the movie stopped making sense and went into stupid territory when they decided to make it to where Fionna wasn't saved and abandoned the castle, even though the first movie stated clearly that Lord Farquaad would have sent someone to get her and he would eventually wed her if no one came. That's how timeline/dimensional plotlines can ruin a movie.

Blaze The Cat

She still counts as a constant since she's technically opposite

An example of it working out decently is the existance of Blaze in Sonic Rush.  She's an opposite Sonic in her own dimension, who finds opposite emerald (Sol Emeralds).  Now, what makes this work without seeming stupid is that even though in Blaze's time Sonic didn't exist, neither did Tails, Knuckles, Amy, or any other character in Sonic's world because they weren't existant in that scenario.  And when Blaze entered Sonic's world, she didn't turn into Sonic and make him not exist.  She existed alongside him and this worked because no component of the worlds were missing, they were just done differently.  

The thing that could make or break EG is the concept on it's own.  The dimensional route they're going for doesn't match with the concept.  If the reasoning why Twilight and Spike don't already exist isn't elaborated on (and I mean well) then this movie could potentially make little to no sense.  It would have been easier and a lot more satisfactory if they didn't try to have Twilight enter some new world (by herself) and try to force this concept on the actual FIM series.  They could have just had EG exist in a seperate world, have this concept work without the FIM characters and just be a mediocre film without dragging Laurens work into it.  This concept is quite iffy and since it's the whole thing that is balancing EG, if it were to fail, the movie will potentially fail.

But that's my take on the interdimensional concept.  Tomorrow we'll talk about a concept that...I'm quite livid on.  So until then, I'll see you guys on my next autopsy of EG.

Twilight "I have no idea!" EG

Spike: How will this work? Twilight: I have no idea!