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Well, we're in alot of trouble XD

Well today's subject is going to be a new character that will be showing up in the movie, and apparantely has a counterpart in the regular FIM world.  He's Flash Sentry, and boy is he rousing up some mixed bags.  I don't think I've seen too many people say completely positive things about Flash Sentry; in fact, I've seen many give negative reactions.  The common one is that he will serve as a Gary Stu love interest for Twilight.  Look at that hug Twilight gave him!  Oh no the romance!  The OP Romance.  And when you think about it, if they do go through with the romance, this will be a princess dating a royal guard.  Gee, that sounds familiar to another concept that people were (and many still are) mixed on.

So what do I think of it?  I must hate this concept about as much as everyone else right?  Well.....I'm not going to lie this is by far the only thing in the movie I'm cool with.  Now hear me out really quick "Brad" haters.  Unlike the mirror thing where there are numerous plothole possibilities (already shown btw) or Spikedog which is demeaning to his character, we know very little of Flash Sentry.  All we know is that he like's to wear Shepards shirt.  He doesn't have much of a personality yet because the trailers haven't shown him off yet.  If the character is bland and dull, then I have every reason to not like him, but as long as we know nothing about him, I refrain from making judgement on his character (though I have a bad feeling alot of clop is coming featuring him :P).  But lets talk about the thing most are worried about...the romance.

Twilight hugging Flash EG

OMG They hugged! Obvious shipping!

Remember that Why Bronies Don't Like: Romance blog I wrote about a month ago?  Well the same thing applies to this.  If Twilight and Flash were somehow love interest, it could work only if the personality of the other is something Twilight finds charming, and not because he's that stereotypical love interest.  Many are worried this will result in a love story worse than Twilight (sorry but it had to be done), and I understand that notion.  However, assuming romance will ruin a show is kind of jumping the gun a bit.  Romance doesn't always kill a series, at least not if done right.  Take shows like Regular Show, Avatar, and Adventure Time; all three are good animated series, all three incorporated romance in some ways, all three didn't suffer from it.  As a matter of fact, the romance episodes were probably the most viewed.  And yeah, I understand that Lauren didn't want romance in the Mane 6, but I think she wanted it out for different reasons; she didn't want the "clique high school romance" that plagues many girl media.  I feel that if the romance was well thought out and fleshed out, it could work well, without ruining the dynamic of Twilight's character.  And seriously, a hug is not a tell tale sign of romance.  It could be a form of appreciation or a thanks for helping her accomplish a goal.  I mean, look at Luffy and Nami's relationship; they are seen to be the closest, but they aren't romantically involved.  I mean, the prom setting doesn't help much, but hey, we don't even know if Twilight is even taking "Brad" to the prom, so again, people are jumping to conclusions without any evidence to support it.

If this does turn into a cliche romance, then it will be a damaging point of the movie.  If not, it'll be one of the most passable things in the movie; and when something in the movie's concept doesn't make me livid, I can find this movie a little more enjoyable.  So this was Flash who I'm cool with, but next time we'll talk about a character I'm not to sweet on.  And unlike Flash...I got pictures for my rants.  Now time to piss some people off with this Cheerilee.png.

FANMADE FlashxTwilight

Ha! Let it haunt your cliche nightmares! MUHAHAHA