Well hello there friend.  What do I have the honor of meeting you this fine...wait what you're leaving the fandom?  Really.  Well how come?  Ooooooooooohh!  That's oohh.

Every fandom comes across this situation.  There's always someone in a fandom that is going to leave the fandom and it generally happens midway through the fanbases lifespan or when it reached it's prime.  But what people generally don't do is ask why the person left the fandom in the first place.  I guess cause many always assume it's for stupid reasons.  And to be fair they usually are, but who are we to judge?  Give them the benefit of the doubt until you know why they left, they might have some good reasons.  As for the ones leaving, we need to have a talk, because I want peace and unity in the Alicorn dicatorship...and I welcome our new AliTwi overlord...

Oh snaps I be trollin XD!!

Why Are You Leaving The Fandom?

Now there are legit reasons why people leave the fandom and that should be taken into account before judging.  These are not those legit reasons:

I didn't like this part of the episode!  I feel like the series is falling apart!

Yeah, because one scene is enough to kill an entire series.  This is one of the lamest reasons to want to leave the fandom and really revolves around what you want.  I mean hey "this show should be what I want.  Me me me."  Well sadly that's not always the case.  That's like if I was playing Zelda, but then said it sucked because of a water temple.  It might not have been the greatest experience but it's still an overall good game.

The fandom has a whole bunch of pervs and creepy things demeaning the good wholesome name of FIM!

This is where I facepalm.  OK, lets just say that it is a stain on the series (which is not it's actually easilly avoidable) and let's just say it leaves a print on the fandom.  Why do you care.  I thought people watched the show for entertainment, not because of what the fandom did.  Yes I know that the fandom has influence on the show sometimes but that should be no reason why you should want to leave.  We're going to do a little test if you want to participate; fair warning it is semi safe for work and might contain suggestiveness so if that bothers you, don't take it.  OK?  OK

I'm going to link 3 pictures; I want you to look at it for 10 seconds a piece: all of these.  If you want to leave the fandom now, come close to the screen so I can faceslap you.  You deserved that.  If you want to do something else....ehh keep that to yourself 0.0

I don't like Alicorn Twilights wings and hair!  It ruins the show!

Princess Twilight cute close up S3E13

Oh no...her hair...I can't stay anymore :'(

When people say they leave for this it almost makes me ashamed of being against the alicorn thing (almost).  Guy's, no matter how bad/good something is and what you say, all of your points become invalid when your only argument becomes simple designs.  These are not drastic changes that are worth leaving the fandom; when you say that you're basically being that Sonic fan who hates that he got taller and had green eyes.  That's not a reason to leave the fandom, at least not without a good amount of evidence that it would ruin the series.

My friends make fun of me so I left!

This one I kind of sympathize with the people who leave because of this since it is hard to be taken seriously when you watch a little kids show.  But in all honesty, if your friends make fun of you for that, are they really your friends or people you just want to impress?  I mean who gives a crap what others think?!  It's not like they are your parents who will disown you if you watched it (they are some pretty crappy parents if they do that).  They are people who you probably won't see again after a year or two.

I just did it because it was a fad and never really liked it.

Then don't join.  Don't join because others say so because then you aren't doing it because you enjoy it you're doing it because it's popular.  Never join something just because it's popular.  If I did that everytime something was popular I'd have Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black all over my walls :P.  Be an individual and do what you want, not what others want you to do when it comes to fandoms.

On the flipside, if you are leaving because you feel the show just isn't to your liking anymore, or you just don't enjoy it as much as you used to, then that's fine.  No ones stopping you and any supporter will wish you the best instead of shooing and booing you away.  Speaking of...

What Is Your Reaction To Those Who Leave?

Yeah, you thought the people who stay were safe.  How do you show out the people who decide to leave.  All too much I see the bad way of doing it.

I don't know why you're leaving.  I like it just fine!

Again, this is the selfish one sided view.  Just because you like it doesn't mean someone else is going to like it.  Just like not all people like RD, not all people are going to like certain sections of an episode and if enough of the series seems tired to them, why should they stay.

If you leave the fandom, you aren't a true fan.

Really?  People who say this are the people that make me dislike any fandom, and the brony fandom has been the culprit of this for quite some time now.  I wonder if these so called "fans" ever asked the other person why they left the fandom in the first place.  Maybe they felt that it wasn't akin to the original vision.  You have to see it on both sides, and too be honest, if you look at it in a purist standpoint, the new season wasn't really that good.  Now before you kill me, I did state in my Season 3 recap that it was a good season (a 8.25 I believe), but like I said, a purist might not like this season due to how short it is and how little they kept from Lauren Canon.  I respect the guys who leave because they feel the story isn't as good because they have every right to believe so and are no less fans when they leave than when they were apart of it.

You should just be satisfied with what you have.  At least you have something!

No, no that's not how you look at any fandom.  So what that basically says is that you're going to watch the show even when it gets to the lowest of the low.  If it's getting milked out of it's mind and barely able to walk, you're going to push it too walk instead of letting it die and move on.  Now, what was that about being a true fan again?  Does a true fan keep pushing for more even when it's completely dead just because they want to see it.  No!  A fan is willing to acknowledge that a show is dying and let it be, or at the very least, if they feel that the show isn't going well at least for them, admit it and go on without being a huge baby about it.  Don't be satisfied with scraps, you should always want better from the series that got you into it in the first place.

You can't leave because it's ponies!  If you do, then you are scum!

Wow...just wow...I know I exaggerated this a bit, but that's what alot of fans basically say, especially those who hang out on EQD nowadays.  Like, really?  Did you seriously just admit the only reason you watch this is because of ponies and that's it?  That's what that sounds like.  People who say that just because people leave on the grounds that the story is dwindling are lower than low on any fandom and really shouldn't be the one's throwing that "not a true fan" crap at others.  People who say they come for the ponies are just like Sonic fans, who go to see Rouges chest!  There is no substance to why they are in the fandom and are generally there for the wrong reasons.  These people have no business criticizing those who leave the fandom and might have helped people understand why they left.  I think this video sums up how alot of the fandom acts now.  That's not the image the fandom should be striving for or getting attention for.  Ignoring the haters, these statements (especially the last few) are probably some of the most comon reasons why people not only cannot get into the fandom, but also why some leave.

So Where To Now?  Play Music While Reading This

So, I probably didn't convince anyone to stay, and I wasn't trying to.  What I wanted to do was get this off my chest and say how I felt about the leaving situation.  You should never feel pressured to leave (or leave because of stupid reasons).  You should only leave if you feel that the fandom or series has taken a legit decline and you can say things to back that up.  Design and appearance is not one (certain users out there; if you see this I'm talking to you and you know who I'm talking about).  But hey, I hope you have fun with whatever you decide to do and whatever fandom you decide to join.  And if you are a true fan, you will support them too, because that's what a true fan does.  That's what a good brony does; they support you even if you leave.
Spike looking at dragons S2E21

Goodbye old friend. May you find peace in another fandom.

 So guys, stop all these lame excuses to hate on others who leave, and the lame excuses for why you leave, and start acting like a legit human being with a brain.  And for the ones who leave, march on soilder.  Enjoy your next destination. 

You will be missed.