Hello everyone, this is your swagtastic, friendly, smart alec, constantly in trouble getting, black DT reporting to tell you guys that I'm doing much better than recent weeks.  But no one came here to read that.  You guys just want to know what I'm gonna do for you (selfish jerks).

I haven't bloged in a while.  I will probably do a Horde or Trash of a certain new flash animation involving a cute little colt.  It's actually pretty popular and has spawned...cough cough...questionable Mother material, but knowing how I thought of Sonic Rainboom, popularity don't mean crap to me because that thing was total garbage.  However, this flash looked promosing so I'll give it a shot.  I might also do another XCOM report, because...well...I haven't played it in a while.  The last time I played XCOM was the day the last report came.  I've been playing Binding of Isaac and TF2 instead: those are what I blame for the lack of content.  Just straight up Isaac and Team Fortress 2.  So, I may have something for you guys soon.

As for my FimFic life, it's been going pretty well.  My recent story is still in the featured box, making it my 4th featured story, so at this point I think it's safe to say that most (if not all) the stories I write will at least get 100 likes.  I also reached a second milestone, of 200+ followers, so once again, that's pretty cool.  As a thank you to you guys/the site, I'll be updating 3 of the more popular stories I have this week.  Those being As Sweet as Lavender, My Son is a Changeling, and The CMC [Try To] Write Clop (which has surprisingly gotten more attention ever since I grew a small fanbase).  I'm also working on more projects for the site.  Along with being the creator of a group on the site with nearly 50 joining people in a week, I'm considering making a Lavenderverse if I feel the story gets enough love (1000+ likes) and working with the character creator to make.

But that's not the only thing.  I made a blog there asking the people to choose my next story.  These stories are:

Remedy to Her Insanity


Screw Loose has been close so many times to being taken to an insane asylum.  However, Doctor Stable has held these attempts off on the assumption that she could be cured.  Changing the nutty pony back into a sane, sensible one would be a major stepping stone in his career.  He keeps her around, studies her, researches her mentality and tries to learn more about her.

The more he learns, the more she grows on him.  The more she grows on him, the deeper her issues reveal themselves.  And the deeper the issues reveal themselves, the worse Stable feels about exploiting her mental illness.

Sweet Melody, Sour Notes


Sweetie reached super-stardom due to her natural talents, and made a strong name for herself.  She gained adoring fans, money, and all the attention a mare could want.  So what went wrong?

Why is she secluding herself from her friends and family?  Why is she going home with multiple stallions?  What happened to Sweetie Belle, and why has she changed so much?  Whatever strayed her away from her warm, friendly path, Sweetie's friends and family will support her and help her pull through her lost path...

Whether she wants it or not.

A Horse With No Name


I am a lonely traveler.  Who you might ask?  I couldn't tell you.  All I have to go by is a burned picture with me in it.  I'm also searching for something, or for better words someone.  Who is it?  Couldn't tell you that either.  I just travel until I have a feeling where I'm going is the right path.  I don't know where I'll end up or who I'll meet, but I'm hoping the journey will be worthwhile.

Immortal Infliction


Celestia is tired of her immortality.  She is tired of outliving everypony dear to her.  After living for a thousand years and experiencing countless heartaches she is at the end of her ropes.  She wants to end it all.  She wants to die.

But how is an immortal suppose to die, and who will she hurt to fulfill her wish?

Helping the Dweeb


Seeing the poor dragon at his wits end trying to woo Rarity, Gilda decides to give Spike some tips and help him gain the mare of his affection.  Although she finds him slightly annoying, he starts to grow on her.  And she soon learns that Spike has taken a liking to her as well...

Maybe too much of a liking.

The "Helping the Dweeb" one is leading by 1 with Sweet Melody, Sour Note is right behind. How about you guys choose.

The next fic I should write is:

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Anyways, that's all from me right now.  Vote/comment/ and tell me how you guys are doing.  School is going to start up for everyone again soon, so please do that homework that you said you should be doing instead of reading this blog.  I should probably be doing that now....LIKE NOW!!

See ya guys soon ;).