I'm sorry guys, I couldn't resist.  I just had to; I just had to write something based on this

FANMADE Shining Armor Changeling Cadance
Yeah You know what this all means.  The next story is going to be a accidental birth fanfic featuring yours truely, Shining Armor in the 1st person.  Also featuring little Kilo (the baby), Cadance (the wife) and Chrysalis (the mother of the changeling).  How will this end up?  What zaniness will happen?  Hell if I know, I'm not telling the story.  He is.

Just a quick warning, this fic does have innuendo's in it (though nothing that would put it in the position of clop) so if you're even slightly offended by stuff like that, this ain't your fic.  It's just me being silly and writing whatever I want, and hoping you guys like it.  Also, this is not a replacement for Sweetest Taste of Fate; I will continue writing that but to be honest, this story was actually easier to write (only took me about 2 hours with editing and full attention XD)

So without further adue, enjoy the struggles of Shining Armor as we enter into My Son is a Changeling