Well guys, this writing thing is actually fun to do and the more I do it, the more I find myself getting into it.  Although it hasn't had my full attention due to Bioshock Infinite, but now that I've beaten it (once) I might have more time to finish up stories.

Sweetest Taste of Fate is going well and if I had to calculate, I'm about 1/5 done with it, so you guys will probably have 10-15 chapters before I'm done with this thing.  And though the views are meh, no body seems to have a problem with it and so far no downvotes, so for the ones who have read it, seems like they enjoy it.  And I'd rather do it because I like it rather than to be popular...though it is kind of annoying to see futa/smut and other crap get popular while good stories (not refering to myself) only get several 100 views, but that is the nature of fandoms sometimes.

Now, let's discuss other stories.  Since Sweetest Taste of Fate is practically written in my skull, I can start developing other stories as well as write this one.  One idea that recently popped up is a one shot involving Fluttershy.  The others would be epics much like Sweetest Taste will be.  Those will be stated when I figure out a title for them, but for now, I can tell you it'll be a Time Turner/Derpy one, Vinyl and Octavia friendship story, possibly Fleur and Fancy Pants, and definately a Spike one with potential alternative endings.  So I got my work cut out for me.

But back to Sweetest Taste, I got to say something that you guys never like to hear...what I will say might shock those with a weak stomach so hear it goes.  As it stands, a character has a high potential of dying in the stories canon.  I'm not going to say who or how, but if I make anyone sad because of it, then I did my job well.  Other than that, this is the last chapter before things get a little more serious (but not too much), so enjoy.