This one comes later than normal (like two weeks later) but I hope the length and the emotions make up for it.

This one is kind of scary for me, cause this marks the end of the first part and the beginning of a new saga, one I'm uncertain will captivate you guys as much as the first three did.  But I will do my best to make sure it lives up to the humor, writing, and enjoyment of the earlier ones as well as try to get chapter 5 out sooner.

Since you guys liked the Body Switch episode, I decided that that will be a project I'll write in the Summer as well as my secret Spike fic and a Time Turner/Derpy fic.  All 3 will be epics like the one I'm writing now, though the Spike one won't have Adventure and mostly Drama/Sad/Romance/Slice of Life aspects so I hope you guys enjoy those when they get written.

I've finally decided what my one shot Fluttershy story will be called.  It'll be called "Sweet Memories, Sweeter Love."  It will be based on this picture right here...


So yeah...get ready for feels there when I start writing it.  Speaking of feels, without further adieu...I present Chapter 4: All My Fault.

Enjoy :)  And another blog should be coming soon.  Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go play some XCOM (been writing and editing this damn fic for the past 3 hours)