Yeah, it's been a while since I made an update on anything.  You thought you heard the last of your boy DT.  Get the hell back here... I ain't dead yet (XD)

Just want to say that until season 4, anything blog related to MLP will be cut shorter, but I'll still be around to see it through.  What I'm here to talk about is a odd pairing that has never been done before.  The ship: Spilda


So what better way to try doing something different and get out of my confort zone, then write a fic about these two.  Part one of it is out now and people seem to like it, so if you like my stuff (and I swear you better >:C....jk) go out and support.

With that said, this is part 1 of my challenge.  I have to write 50k words by the 30th, and so far I've written a little over 8k.  I think I might make it if I work a little faster, and here's hoping I reach that goal.  So if you're interested in a little rump, part one of Helping the Dweeb.  I hope you enjoy :3