You know those things that you're parents will kill you for if you screw up?  I'm doing that for a week.  For the time being...I'm watching my little, sweet, 5 year old, pain in the.....welll...flank...sister until Saturday/Sunday.  I got to take her to school, feed her, make her do her work, put her to bed, give her a bath, make her freakin laugh and the likes.  So it's a pretty heavy responsibility.  It's almost like Sweetie Belle and Rarity...or AJ and Apple Bloom...yeah I prefer the later.  We are kind of messy when it comes to play XD

Apple Bloom being held by Applejack S3E06

Imagine this scenario...except with me a guy XD

Well, speaking of responsibilities, who want's to read more of Shining Armor's tortures!!  My Son is a Changeling has been updated.  While I haven't abandoned Sweetest Taste, it's at a standstill at the moment...because killing ruined my life :'(.  Naw just kidding but I have other stories I want to work are some.

Hold Those Fond Memories: Fluttershy and Posey origin (in the works now)

Ain't No Rest for The Wicked: CMC Crime Lords!  YAY!! (don't worry, they just rob candy stores XD)

Too Close for Comfort: What if Rarity showed the same affection to Spike as he did her?  Well in this episodisc fanfic, he'll learn why he shouldn't be so invasive of Rarity.

How Not to Seem Gay: Hetero-Life Partners Brae and Soarin try to convince others they're straight as an arrow...nough said XD.  Closest to M/M I'll ever touch.

Well, hopefully you think some of these are good.  I have more in mind but nothing too developed to decide if I'll role with it.  So read up, have fun...I got to get ready to get the little one :P