Remember that rage out and depression I had back when Spike dog was rumored? this

Uhh...they actually did it.  They bucking did it!!!  Those pieces of

My apologies for that reaction.  It's, just wow.  They are really trying to make me hate this huh?  Well before I project any sort of hate onto this, lets talk about this calmy and rationally.  Starting with what I think of the trailer.

Well it doesn't really help alleviate doubters minds.  The things that they many said that wouldn't happen, are happening.  Spike dog (which is BS), connection to the FIM universe via mirror (I swear that better be explained) and what seems to be romance.  Now this isn't all set in stone, but it definately look like some interest for Twilight, and if so, mark that as another thing that Lauren didn't want that happened!  I'm going to say this right now though, the animation itself is still decent, and the designs aren't too horrible in motion, but it all feels...awkward.  There's not much to decipher as much as plot when it comes down to plot, but if it's anything like the plot in the syponysis, I'm not sold.

Now here's an article discussing a little of this spetacle of a project.  Now, the article is like any article that most people write, but I'm going to take out what I personally found the least convincing if not downright lies.

“We are responding to the desire by our fans to experience the brand in more ways,” said John A. Frascotti, Hasbro’s chief marketing officer. “They imagined themselves as which pony they would be or which pony they identified with the most.”

So, by turning them into something that practically no one wanted (again), you thought you would have a possitive experience?  The problem with this, is that this way they can be like "fans wanted it!  don't complain we fullfilled your order" when in reality, most would have wanted this concept to not happen in the first place.

“Our goal is to stay true to who those characters are,” said Meghan McCarthy, the head writer for the movie, adding that the high school setting allowed for new storytelling possibilities. “It’s new but still an extension of our mythology.”

I'm worried about this a bit to be honest.  No disrespect to McCarthy, but the last time you said something like this, it wasn't really that successful in convincing people that that was a good idea.  In fact, it polarized the fandom on the subject in big ways, and she's leading this project?!  Now she's a decent writer I'll give her that (she's written some of my favorites), but she has some...uh...bad character writing, for some of the characters at times, and when tyring to have "high school as an extension of our mythology" I can see it backfiring, in big ways.

The situation is already polarized...many hate the idea, and many are saying it's hypocritical.  But is it really hypocritical to not like this?  Is it?  Well...yes and no.  When we call hypocricy is at people saying this will be the worst thing in history and without any knowledge.  What isn't hypocricy however, is concern that this is probably just a Cashbro thing...cause from what I'm seeing it seems like it.  They know what they're doing.  They made sure to put that bit with the ponies in so you would buy a ticket.  Perfect're sold on ponies...even if the movie sucks, too bad, we got your money.  Now, I won't be seeing this in theatre (in fact if we're honest here, half of the fandom will pirate it and it'll end up on the internet in about a weeks top) and if I were you, I'd wait until the reviews to come out.  If they don't do early screening, then that's usually a bad sign right there.  If the reviews are good, then well, that's something we can go "WOW!  I guess we were wrong about this one!"  But I have a bad feeling that many won't be wrong and many opinions and worries will come to light: just like Alitwi, just like Gameloft MLP.  If you want to see it, then cool; but don't go in without this warning....wait a day.  Don't go day one.  At least wait until 1 review; even if it's the most unacredited person, just wait....please....

This has been DT.  First Impression?  Meh...very skeptical of this.  What are your first impressions?  I'm sure many are interested in this movie, and it is an interesting thing...but in the wrong ways.  Anyways, take this as you will...hope you had a happy Mothers Day BTW, and...I got to go bleach my eyes :'(.

Spike in love EG really want me to hate you more huh >:(?