Well it's finally here.  The teaser has finally been released's all cinematic.  While not as impressive as Korra's trailer and whole episode, it was understandable why they did this because they showed four different clips from the season, so we technically have 4 episodes for a taste.  I will say this, the only thing that made me want to facepalm...were the fans.  For goodness sakes, they act like they haven't seen the show in 100 years.  I don't mind chearing or laughing, but is the whole screaming and "OMG F***** PONIES!!! YEAH YEES!" Really necessary?

But enough about the fans, what about the teaser itself.  What did I think, and what are my impressions.

Well...for the most part I thought the teasers were enjoyable, mainly because I enjoy behind the scenes and storyboard looks, to look at the effort of the show.  So lets break them up:

1. I'm onboard with the Scootaloo one, though I wonder what's the point of Harshwinny?  Why does she want a filly to represent Equestria; I thought the games were going on in the Crystal Empire anyways.  But all in all, not too bad of a concept from what I've seen.

2. I find it kind of interesting that they are going to make a superhero episode.  Small homages like this if done right can work.  This episode will be heavilly relied on who writes it.  I really really hope this isn't a Merriwhether episode, otherwise this episode will be cheesier than it probably already is going to be (and not the good cheese like I think this episode can be).  And best of all...ALL SEVEN ARE THERE!  Spike and the other 5 elements matter, not just Twilight!  This gives me some hope that this won't be a Twilight centric season.

3. More AJ episodes, and a song.  I don't think the songs themselves are spectacular, but they're not ear grating.  I can see how people can enjoy this one.

4. This is the only one that I have true concern about.  If this isn't a dream sequence, then it's basically retconning the character of Luna to make her evil again.  Has she not learned from Luna Eclipsed!?  Again, there's not much to go on, but I can see this episode failing if what I think is going to happen happens.  But all in all, the entire teaser was fine.

Now to talk about the things outside of the teaser, starting with the things I didn't like just to get it out of the way:

There's no Babs in this season.  Why?  I'm sorry, but for a team who says they're trying to advance characters and the world, they're excluding a character that had potential to drive the shows B-story characters (CMC).  What was the point of making her a CMC if you weren't going to use her!?  This is an annoying thing that I hate about the writers...they do this with potential characters; make you think they'll matter and throw them to the side.

When they said they were going to pick up right where season 3 left off, this is sort of discouraging.  This was possibly the worst season for me, and alot of things I didn't agree with happened.  For that to carry on (and them not to bring Babs back mind you) kind of has me worrisome a bit.  I'm also skeptical about Twilight's unlocked development (yeah freakin right XD) but hey, I've been proven wrong before.

But that's really all I had issues with.  I can say a few things that I liked about the announcement.

Spike....just...SPIKE!  The way they talk about Spike makes me think they're going to explore Spike's character more. His uncomfortable situations, and the fact that he's getting love gives this dragon lover some hope.  I also like that Rarity is going to finally get episodes.  I love how McCarthy said she was tired of the "DON'T BELIEVE HER LIES" memes.  You know, maybe if you spent less time trolling and more time delivering your bucking promises, no one would make those!

And I guess they saw my anger in the nik of time...because to compensate for the fact that Babs isn't here, they promised Zecora, which is why I didn't blow a fuse XD.  Nice, divert my attention with two characters that I love, and I especially think that Zecora could use some development and attention.  

As a whole, I can't say I'm as excited as the fans in the audience since I found season 3 a little discouraging.  However, this season looks like it has promise.  It's hard to gage my opinions on something with only a few clips, but using my best DTness, I can assume this season will be better than season 4.  They just need to focus on fixing what was broken, polishing the right characters, and giving fans what they want, but at the same time doing what they want.  I have a feeling this season will try to find it's middle ground, and most will hit, but undoubtedly some will miss.  As a whole, I might find this season enjoyable, and nothing about this Con proved it would be debatable.

On the other hand, it didn't really impress either.  By now, you know where my excitement lies (look at my avatar) and with the show coming out in September, I'll be more eager to watch it more than FIM.  But that doesn't mean I'm not eager to see season 4.  I honestly can't wait to see what they have in store because they do have potential.  Most of you probably know this, and I doubt any of you really think I hate the sho...

<<< I totally cannot wait for his defining judgment™ on the entirety of Season 4 based off of a trailer— Banana Split, Today 12:42 PM

Twifacepalm.png.  Oh well, it's cute that some really are that silly u3IxTCf.png.

Well, if you guys have opinions about the new season info tell me what you think.  Have anticipations risen or sunk?  What do you think?  I know you guys probably are salivating from the mouths in anticipation since you think this is the greatest show ever (I'm just teasing.  I know only about 40% think that and only about 5% are nonsensical trolls about it) but I want to know what you think.  DT out, and have a good next season.

SDCC 2013 MLP Panel Exclusive Season 4 Clip05:32

SDCC 2013 MLP Panel Exclusive Season 4 Clip