Well guys, yep this is your friendly DT coming back from quite honestly a unexpected downtime.  As you know I got the boot for posting a incolent, horrid, absolutely damning comment of...."No point in letting some sour apples and 10 year olds put me out of commission for too long"?  Really?  Facebook.png

Ok, I'm going to be honest here...I have pushed the envelope maybe a little too far at some points I admit.  Posting Grimdark: my bad.  Overdoing it with anons no matter how bad, I wholeheartedly understand  (thanks for bringing that to my attention Lord of Shadow and Filly) and I even understand how 1 day thing with Ozank.  However, in my opinion at least, getting booted for posting an indirect comment to those who quite honestly might act like this is one of the dumbest reasons to get banned from a wiki.  And I got blocked for a week.

But if life teaches you anything, it's not to linger onto the past, and in all honesty a break from everything was good, especially with things that needed to be taken care of, what with finals coming up (my hardest is tomorrow go fig ) and me just being in a pissy mood from life and the wiki drama. So with me gone, I decided to touch my hands on that MLP app (Horde and Trash coming up soon of that), and played some other games like Dishonored, TF2 and some more Skyrim.  I got in a TF2 servor where I actually had to kill the characters.  I was cool with that any excuse to kill Pinkie is fine by me (sorry Pinkielover), but I couldn't bring myself to kill Fluttershy.  Didn't matter anyway because lag killed me before I could even try.

Sucks the random blog is no longer available, honestly was bound to happen sooner or later.  Yeah sure it was fun, sure I disagree with most of the complaints about it, and sure it's much easier than using chat, but hey, this is one thing we all just gotta deal with.  Not like we can't find things to say on other pages anyways.  Most of the comments were semirelevant anyways, so converting isn't even that big of a deal.  I mean sure I can't XCOM report on a regular page anymore...but that depends on whether you guys even cared about that.  So, if you actually care (which you probably dont) please vote on another method

How should I report your XCOM status?

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If you guys do care that much, which you probably don't.  I mean, you guys didn't even care when I was gone for a we...

I miss DT already :(...

He was blocked?.. :( great more sad news...

59 minutes ago by Nihi The Brony


Can't wait for him to get back

1 hour ago by Filly Please

Sigh.... Where's the XCOM report? Where's the snide comment that undoes some praise I write towards Pinkie or shamelessly condemns Celestia or Hasbro for making Twilight a princess? Where's the update for the Sweetest Taste of Fate or a new fic idea? This week's gonna be pretty lonesome without DT :(

11 minutes ago by Roadside Picnic

Check his talk page Yu. But still that wasn´t a reason good enough to block him for a week.

58 minutes ago by Sentrakk

I want Spikey Wikey back!!!!! </3  it just feels rly weird here without him. :-/

that's really sad :( At least he's not blocked forever :)

33 minutes ago by Rarity101

He wrote something that the admins didn´t like and he got blocked for that. A bit sad, because it´s not the same when he´s not around. :(

1 hour ago by FlameStar101

I really miss DT.

6 minutes ago by PinkiePie12345

Me too.

16 minutes ago by Applejack88

miss him as well, but I think it's good that he's taking a break from all these problems :)

2 minutes ago by PowerStar89

I really miss him. :(

4 minutes ago by Dashgirl126

You know what...I now realize why I come around this wiki :).  But really?  Not even 2 days in?  You guys didn't even go two BUCKING DAYS WITHOUT THAT!  Well....if you want to miss a regular like me, that's how it's gonna be Rainbow_dash_laughs_by_orbitalvelocity-d4ax6zy.png.  Anyways, got a change of avatar of another Spike, who's even more badass than dragon Spike...Spike Spiegal.  There's something about Spike that makes me like them...Spike Lee, Spike Spiegal, Spike of Land Before Time...why are Spike's so awesome.  

Other than upcoming blogs and a new one called When Worlds Collide where I will be having a character from FIM compare against another from a different series, I have the interlude of Sweetest Taste up if you havent read it.  It's an interlude and has nothing to do with the Cakes, so if you don't care don't read.  Otherwise have fun.  Also, gonna try my hand at modding and digital art this summer.  I have regular drawings but none are ponies and if you want, I'll show you my skills...but it isn't ponies so answer...probably no :P.  Also gonna edit alot more to the site (or at least try) just for fun and for some CSS practice.  That and I just want to contribute a bit, you know, cause why not.

Well, that's all for me.  Gotta study for a while so probably not much from me today.  But glad to be back, hope you all will enjoy what I have in store and...>.>  <.<...I missed you guys too Cadance_and_Twilight.png

See ya in a bit...enjoy a cute picture from a character of one of the greatest games (Persona 3) named Koromaru