Yo guys hows it going.  Before we get to the announcements it would seem we got more updates (if you consider pictures that tell nothing of the story updates) about Equestria Girls....yay.  These only show the things that most
Flash Sentry introduces Twilight Sparkle EG

Just hangin in the back while Twilight meets Flash...yeah...

people seem to like about MLP, their pony renditions.  Yeah, cause you know, we don't want to know more about the meat of the movie.  Give us scenes from the first 10 minutes of the film so you can trick people into going to see it.  But I digress.  Theories about Flash Sentry or whoever his name is being Shining Armor is dead, so he's either going to be a friend or a love interest.  We also see the other characters hanging in the back while Twilight is in the front, getting all the attention.  I'm not going to judge off pictures alone because that usually tends to be faulty, but I'm going to be livid if this is the start of the Twilight dominating the series thing.  I was already skeptical about everyone licking the hooves of Twilight back in MMC, but hopefully they don't go through with it too much.
Spike holding fake Element of Magic EG

How dare you imply you're a better character then me!

But Spike isn't a dog in those scenes, which oddly makes me happy.  I can honestly say this is the first time I've been happy to see anything EG related, even though I'm almost positive this is going to be a short thrill.  Celestia also puts on her "I'm trying to be relevant to the plot" face (you know, that face where she looks mad and serious to try to look important.  She did it in Season 2's premiere and finale) towards the crown and Spike.  And I hope that face isn't towards Spike cause she has no reason to give him lip;  if I was him, I'd be shining a ruby saying "man who the hell you yelling at?  I killed a shadow demon; you got your flank handed to you by a bug.  If anything we should be yelling at you"


Yeah, cause this will help you beat Mattel :P

But any chance of me going to buy this was destroyed after I heard the reason for why it was made: to compete with those dastardly Mattels! (or at least the theory goes).  And they want to sell the dolls just because of that.  Man, I hate this kind of bull; the reason for whoring out the original vision of Lauren Faust, and making this movie was to sell toys to compete with a companies toyline, which no older fan really buys.'re losing my respect everyday you know that?  I mean, you barely had it to begin with, but you're losing more of my respect.  No wonder Lauren can't freaking watch the series anymore.  And before you guys go I'm overreacting, it might still be good, I never said it wouldn't.  I get it, corporations have to compete; but when you compete by using the dirtiest, cheapest, most uninspired way possible, I can't respect that.  

Sadly though, as much as I want to see this film with you guys I probably won't be able to.  Cause I'm going out of town for 3 weeks.  So by the time I can watch it, it would be out for about a week.  This really sucks cause I wanted to get a day 1/2/3 review on it and watch it with Filly over the internet, but that sadly won't happen.  I can't use the card they have for that long since they run off of a internet card, and even if I can, I won't be staying with folks who are really open minded to this kind of thing.  They will automatically peg this as childish, even if I said it was dared upon me.  I mean, these are the people that said that they would understand why I liked Bridesmaids if it was really Bachelors Party :P.  But they're good people to be around most of the time.  I also won't be able to do the FIM Comic 8 review, which really saddens me because I want to know how it ends, but hey I'll read it afterwards (if I'm lucky I can do it while I'm there).  I'll be able to use my phone to comment, but I wont be doing it as often, so I'll be around but due to data, I don't want to run my data out.  Imagine if I watched EG fully on my phone.  

After I get done with Arkansas for 3 weeks I come back briefly, then head onto Jacksonville Florida.  As far as I know, he has internet there so I can use it at will.  But who the hell is gonna use internet while in Florida?!  I'm gonna be too busy fishing, laying on the beach, and kicking crocs in the teeth (or petting them, whichever one is deadlier).  So yeah, I'm gonna have an eventful summer.  I still wanna do the review though, and since you guys like reading my opinions (as evident in my EG First Thoughts and FIM Issue 7 review) I don't think being a week late will be too bad.  While I'm gone, I plan on working on more fanfics; starting new projects and...gasp...working on the continuation of Sweetest Taste to the 10 people who read it XD.  And there's no way in hell I'm not finishing Son is A Changeling.  Too many like it for me to do that XD.

But anyways, I'll be leaving tomorrow (my tomorrow), so before I leave I think I'll grace you guys with one last XCOM report.  I might have a fanfic update too but that also depends on if my editor can finish it in time (and if I'm not too lazy to finish my one off).  As for EG, right now I'm still meh.  It doesn't bother me as much, but I still don't have good feeling about it.  Anyways, that's all.  Comment, rate, subsc....wait this isn't Youtube...just comment and tell me what you guys think of EG so far, if you want me to continue certain blogs (like Horde or Trash or Top 10s) and will you be reading my opinions of EG when I get to it.  I'm sure the hype will still be there.

Anyways, stay golden, and I'll see ya'll on the phone starting tomorrow ;)

Spike holding a pillow EG

Packing for a trip is exciting...for me at least. Still feel bad for this guy :(