Horde or Trash is a little something I'll do when anything FIM related shows up but isn't the show itself and will kind of be a first impression type of deal.  So what better way to start out than with the first arc of the comic series.  It will contain spoilers, but I'll leave some bits out just so you have to read it ;)

The first thing I want to say is that these people really enjoy what they do especially if each issue gets about 4 variants.  Man, they must be trucking them out.  I appreciate hard work like that.

The first arc is basically a prequel to season 3, it starts with the little CMCs getting mindwiped and taken by the changelings.  And who's in charge of this; why Chrysalis of course, and her being my favorite villian in the show I was anticipating seeing my "super kawaii succubus; I can't wait to see her adorableness <3".  But the problem with that plan is they made sure you knew she was the most disgustingly evil creature in the universe.

Queen Chrysalis it worked S2E26

Yeah remember this cuteness?

Right there to your right, that is the comic queen of changelings.  She's come a
IDW Comic Queen Chrysalis

I sure don't...

long way from what we saw in the season 2 finale as seen on the left now hasn't she.  And that's not even the most disturbing picture; there's one with her licking her lips stating she feeds on love and sucks the life out of innocent kittens 0.0

Of course, the main 6 have to stop them (yes Spike is left out, but we'll get to that at the end.  Actually, those who haven't read might be surprised by what I have to say), and they head on out to the badlands to find Chrysalis's domain.  I have to say, the details were really well done and the creatures were.  The characters were spot on for the most part, although Rarity was too, well, Rarityish for the situation.  I wouldn't want to be relaxing while my little sis is in danger.  But again, this is the one who made her sister drag her and her bags all the way camping :P.  The group gets into an argument and splits into three groups, much to the Queens amusement, who is also getting annoyed by the CMC's she kidnapped.  I mean what did she expect; you kidnapped three of the most talkative kids.

IDW Comic Kitten CMC Queen Chrysalis

Yep, kids will love this 0.o

Right around the point where the Queen apparantely smashes a kitten in front of the CMC's, that's when you begin to realize, this isn't the happy FIM that we're used to.  I mean, if they're going to be killing innocent creatures, we're gonna be in for a wild ride eventually because this >>>>>> yeah, no going back from this. 

IDW Comic Twilight Magic

Her Chi is overflowing!!

The girls eventually group back up and then find the destination they wanted to reach and have to find the Queen.  But not before going through doors filled with horror icons, like It the Clown  There is an epic showdown, and I do mean epic for what it was, and even a conflict between choosing her friends lives or refusing to teach Chrysalis the magic Twilight knows.  Now out of all the creatures who die, Chrysalis doesn't.......yeah Sombra you kind of suck if she can survive what she got and you couldn't >.>

And finally we get to Spike, who in the background was actually helping the town.  Him and Celestia (and by the way this is the only time I ever liked Celestia partially because she's actually doing something) have to save the town from Cockatrice.  He's all bandaged up, with a sweet demoman eyepatch and sporting a swag medal.  It's just priceless and I'm really glad they're giving him respect.  Hell, they wrote a better arc than half of the arcs in the actuall series IMO.  Sadly it's just a short story at the end, but with the hint that Arc 2 is dropping, he might play a bigger role.

IDW Comic Chrysalis Goody

At least she's semi cute right?

It was a really good read, and if the next arc is anywhere near as good as what I read, then I expect this to be a really successful series.  I say you should definately horde this gem ^_^.  If you want to buy it for yourself, you can get the variants from Hot Topics I believe.  If you're a cheepo like me, you can probably find it around YouTube for about a week.  But if you're a fan, it's definately something you don't want to miss out on.  Now I guess I can show you an actual cute picture of Chrysalis from the comics.