Well it's the end of the season and it has surely been an...interesting one.  It has also been a rather short one leaving alot of people with questions.  But we're not here to answer those questions (cause heck if I know all the answers).  This is going to be a recap of season 3, which for awhile, will probably be the most talked about season to date.

Give The Fans What They Want!

Was this truely a fanservice season?  Well if you find Trixie titillating or think dirty thoughts everytime you hear Zecora talk about taking Spike's "booty", then yes it is.  But in general fanservice isn't the right term for this.  However, I will say that this season will probably be one of the most memorable seasons of the series.

Many things that fans wanted got put inside this season.  Trixie's return, Discord's reformation, AJ getting a song, Scootaloo and RD moments, Wonderbolt Academy, and a sly little return from our favorite cross eyed pony.  This season was packed with material that fans wanted and for the most part, they all worked!  One of the best things
Trixie and Twilight Sparkle having a stare contest S3E5

Might not be so Great and Powerful as everyone says, but this episode was

about this season is how they handled alot of the episodes like Magic Duel, which I surprisingly liked even when Trixie (my least favorite character of the series) was apart of it.

This season had great bonding with the characters they chose to make bonding moments with, especially between Spike and Twilight.  You could feel that brother/sister relationship shine bright this season and it was all because of the well executed writing between them.  The Crystal Empire, being the best example, showed how much they really care for each other.  Spike was willing to put himself in danger for Twilight to complete her goal while Twilight risked almost everything by giving the responsibility of saving the empire to Spike.  This season had some touching moments between these two and I really hope the next season keeps up with, as well as continuing the character development and involvement of my personal favorite Spike.

Spike and Twilight hug 2 S3E2

The feels...all of them

The RD and Scootaloo bonding was almost better!  This established a new relationship with the characters that flowed well and felt natural, not forcing it in just because fans wanted it.  And the episode itself.. oh Corey Powell were have you been all this series !?  If Lauren is God of the show and MA Larson is Jesus, then Powell is Peter.  She only wrote two episodes and I already place her as one of my favorite writers.  And you know why?  Because she knows how to write characters!  Any concept can be done well with a well written episode and well written characters and she proved that.  But back to RD/Scootaloo, I have a feeling that RD is going to be the big sister role model that
Rainbow Dash takes Scootaloo under her wing S3E06

The feels, they grow

Scootaloo always wanted, just like RD's dad was to her.

I also liked the continuity nods this season got, and they were all used well, though I do find it funny how no one complains about Spike's bubble baths and also found it funny that an episode after Scootaloo mentioned Rarity nearly falling to her death in season 1 she falls to her death again (girl gets no breaks).  Even the new CMC member The Scout...I mean Babs Seed was interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing her in newer seasons.  With all this going for it you'd think this was the best season of the series!  Well......sadly it's not.

So Many Ideas, So Little Episodes

For all the good this season did, it also had some rather iffy results.  The main all felt rushed.  Many of the episodes, even the Crystal Empire which I like, felt rather rushed, more rushed than other episodes in the past.  We can not keep using the "they only had 22 minutes" excuse; if that's the case then how come shows like Adventure Time can come out with tales and wrap them up satisfyingly with half the time of the FIM episodes?  Everything just felt...sudden.  Trixie was too easilly forgiven (and we still don't know if the others forgave her), Sombra (least favorite villian; other than the fact that he manipulated Twi and Spike, he was rather boring) was destroyed within a single moment, and Discords transformation felt highly unnatural and I still don't agree with the
Discord grabbing Fluttershy's cheek S3E10

What have they done to you man!

whole transformation thing.

Speaking of Discord, where was he during the coronation!?  You'd think that the element of chaos who Celestia wanted reformed would take some part in the cororonation, but he wasn't even there.  Also, what was the point of the reformation again if they weren't going to use him for anything?  All of that, felt pointless.

The characterization were many episodes.  In the season premiere, RD had a bad case of douchitous because of how she ended up treating Fluttershy (guess she forgot to take Fluttershy's sensitivety into account from Huricane Fluttershy).  Most of the season had alot of the characters get played off for laughs when it really didn't work and had too much forced humor.  One of the worst offenses to this is Pinkie Pie.  My goodness was she annoying this season.  After about a good 5 episodes with her in it, I was praying for Trixie to come back and take her lips away again because nothing came out of her mouth except unfunny pointless one liners.  When I watched the premier sneak peak earlier last year and heard people laugh at all the jokes in the episode it felt like I
Pinkie Pie creating a distraction S03E12

You're trying waay too hard here!

was watching my 4 year old sister and her friends laughing at a birthday clown.  Spike for an episode had it even worse.  He went from very helpful assistant, and talented cook (at least with sweets) to a bumbling idiot who couldn't even get the mixing recipe right for a pie, all done for cheap laughs.

And now...we get to the part no one liked.  The contraversies.  Alot of negative actions and reactions happened during this seasons airing and one of them is the probably most hated concept for a time Princess Alicorn Twilight.  And we're not going to rant about this for too long, but the issue is not entirely that it happened, it's how soon it happened.  There was very little build up to the event and what was there wasn't really enough to justify it, especially since it was tacked on to the last episode, kinda dimishing the very emotional episode a little.  The concept was the most rushed thing this season; it took Twilight 54 episodes to even get to the next level of studies and only 11 to reach princesshood, most of which she didn't do anything (you know except struggle with turning an apple into an orange, which is odd since she seemed to be able to copy dark magic easilly)!  Talk about poor progression from one thing to another; it needed at least one more season or a 26 episode season for it to have worked, not a half season.

And then the Hasbro C/D, which although didn't have anything to do with the season, put a bad taste in many bronies mouth.  So many things have happened during the season that caused many bronies to kind of lose some hope in the series and it's sad that such series of events had to be tied in with the show.  Whether you like Hasbro Corp. or not (remember they aren't the writers), you have to agree that too much negativety has flown around them recently and I do hope all this drama dies down completely soon

In The End of it All: Final Verdict

So this just leaves us to how I feel about the season.  Well first I'm going to talley all the episodes this season and rank the season as a whole:

Crystal Empire Part 1 & 2: 9/10

Too Many Pinkies: 7/10

One Bad Apple: 9/10

Magic Duel: 8.5/10

Sleepless in Ponyville: 9.5/10

Wonderbolt Academy: 8/10

Apple Family Reunion: 8/10

Spike at Your Service: 7/10

Keep Calm and Flutter On: 7.5/10

Just for Sidekicks: 9/10

Games Ponies Play: 8.5/10

Magical Mystery Cure: 8/10

That leaves Season 3 with a grand total of an 8.25/10.  It was a good season with more memorable moments than any other season and had things many people will be talking about.  It's just that not all the things people will be talking about will be positive.  This season had it's flaws and could have generally been better, but for what it's worth, it was a decent season.  I do hope that now that they are going back to the 26 episode thing, they can achieve the momentus moments without all the drama this season drew.  Only time will tell.  Until then, enjoy the wait, reflect on this if you want, it's sure to be an interesting ride to the beginning and end of season 4.

Ponies on train for Ponyville 2 S3E2

See ya soon