Template:Userpage/MPC Yeah if you've noticed we're getting close to the promised day.  The day that will either have rejoicing or painful cries of pain.  Will this movie be the remedy we needed after season 3's dissapointing ending, or will it be the final nuke that kills off the fandom, taking us into a fallout that will never be fixed!?

The last one I doubt, but there will be alot of people being pissed and livid if this movie sucks, tanks, gets the Razzery Award and all that jazz.  So what I want to do before I stop talking about it (and before some leave the page to avoid spoilers) is talk about how my opinions have changed since the idea came to be and what fears still remain.

Twilight tackles Sunset Shimmer EG

Really? You have magic and wings and you just tackle..sigh

As most know, there are two concepts that I really don't like about this movie: the mirror thing and Spike Dog.  And while I won't stop disliking Spike dog, I will be willing to understand the mirror thing if they don't use it as fanwank and Deus Ex the story harder then MLP IDW Issue 8.  I don't give a damn about Flash to be honest; he's just there right now.  Sunset on the other hand, I'm not to keen on our little friend.  Since most haven't seen the spoilerific pictures of her design, I won't say anything, but I'm not really too confident in her role in the movie.  She's a thief, so what would her motive be by transforming into...well..that?  Not only that, but Twilight doesn't seemed too worried about the fact that she stole her crown and evaded into high school.  I refuse to accept our new Princess if she keeps acting like a ditz and not doing something about her situation.  The funny thing is is that this movie wouldn't even have to be made if Twilight would have just used magic and stopped her...or better yet not have the crown out in the open in the first place.

Speaking of crown, that looks oddly different from her elemental one.  For an important crown they sure are keen on leaving it out in the open where anyone can take it; Shining Armor should also get fired...he's not hiring the right people for the job (except for dreamy perfect boy Flash Sentry who's bound to play an important role in the story).

Now I'm too happy about the canonization of Sparity (comicwise but possibly serieswise too) and The Last of Us, so I won't be as livid on this movie if it does tank, but there will be some pet peaves that will piss me off.  1. They make this full canon.  2. Sunset is forgiven and redeemed.  3. Spike isn't best character (cause that's the only way I'm gonna get over this dog BS). 4. Generic love (Looking at you Christian Gre...I mean Flash Sentry Happy_Scootaloo.png).  Other than that, I can just see this as being a painfully average average that it won't deserve the hate/praise it might get.  Also I just want to say one more thing about the took them this long to have a decent photo?  I mocked and made a parody not to long about them slacking off till the last week since Hasbro got drunk and releasing 3 short trailers...well I was partially correct.  They did wait, but they didn't really release more then one trailer...which only had about 30 seconds of new footage.  I really feel the odds are stacked against them.  They're so lost in their competition with Mattel (which by the way produced some pretty crappy doll toys in the process!!) that they aren't trying to compete with what they should be...the movie theatres and the movies coming out!  I know they don't expect this to be as big as Monsters University, This is the End (something I wanna go see), and Man of Steel, but they could at least try.  Put forth the effort.

As for my opinion on the hasn't changed to much.  I thought it was a bad idea back then and I still do.  But I'm not too lost in that to see that there are some possible ways this movie can sway me, and while watching I'll be keeping a good lookout.  I just want to warn you guys though that I will be trying to see this movie really early unless Hasbro goes super nazi on this movie, so if I get my hands on the Youtube, Streamed, or any internet mean for this movie, I will be reviewing it quite early, with the same strictness and harsh analysis as my others.  So be on a lookout for that.  If you want to watch this movie with me, and you don't mind getting your hands dirty with the internet (pirates ahoy XD), I'll be happy to watch this film with you via voice chat provided you speak fluent english.  So grab your popcorn, drinks, 3D glasses and little sisters and let me know your skype adress so we can group watch this and you can finally hear the voice of DT (I expect none to do this btw XD).  Why don't I give mine out?  Well believe it or not, there are some people I don't want having my Skype adress.

But anyway, yeah, those who bought the tickets, I hope the movie treats you well since you're seeing it day one.  Those who won't be seeing the film until dvd, I'll see you guys far away from spoilers.  And to everyone...don't let this movie kill you if it sucks.  Don't go all Alicorn Twilight...don't be livid, saying you'll burn down Hasbro.  It doesn't deserve that attention.  If you let it die, Hasbro will learn; I assure you.  If it's good, then...slow clap for Hasbro for not screwing something up for once.  

My next blog will most likely be EG's Review, so if you don't want spoilers, I'd say stay the hell away from me.  But until then, I'll see you guys around for our only MLP related thing for Mid-year.

Equestria Girls second movie poster